Hi every1, any body can explain how to know Resist, Supt in Currency Pairs, thnx in advance.

Comment by Brian Twomey on August 16, 2014 at 10:26am

Kiramat,   Begin with Trend lines and Channel lines drawn from low to highs because both contain solid mathematical properties. The bottom trend line offers terrific support while the top trend lines offers pretty solid resistance and you can view where prices are located in relation to your candles.As an indicator, you may want to look at ready made Keltner channels. Are the lines perfect, absolutely not but they will bring you more reasonable certainty in your trades. You will see far more winners than losers. Most important regarding trend lines is they are easy to learn, to use and to master quickly. They allow you to see your market in total so you may see your supports and resistance. A complete system to see support and resistance is Ichimoku. Ichimoku will take a bit longer to learn but its worth every effort because of the price and time components. Look at Nicole Eliot's book. A condensed version of Ichimoku is found in Bill Williams Alligator, the Mighty Alligator as he calls it. His books are highly relevant today. 

 Candlestick patterns such as Marabouzo, double top and bottoms, evening and morning star patterns allows you to see your market support and resistance and again they contain fairly solid mathematical properties.  But know this Kiramat. Your foundational market patterns seen on the hourlies are still 3 candles up, 1 down or reverse as 3 down and 1 up. If you use this foundation in relation to your trend lines separately or together as channels, you will see support and resistance nicely with more winning trades than losers.

 If moving averages is the way, a market must be seen in a longer average Simple or Exponential such as the 100, 200 day or yearly. They all allow you to see market prices and support and resistance on a longer term view. The vast majority of market pros out there and I mean vast majority use some form of Exponential or Simple average. The 50 day average is highly recommended as a signal line because of its overwhelming math properties in many regards. To get insanely crazy to learn every last nuance of Exponential averages, look at Pete Haurlan. He's long gone but his legacy as a supreme Exponential average master reigns and he'll never be beat.

 The other indicator recommended if you have it and to see solid support and resistance is the McGinley Dynamic. Not many know this indicator and many chart packages don't have it but its a great one. 

 I'll look for a few articles that will help you. Fell free anytime Kiramat, I don't mind helping


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