EUR JPY 5 Min:

This was a non trend day, Price ranged after open then broke down forming a double bottom and pulled back. The first trade is an example of a Double pull back engulfing long entry with entry 1 pip above the engulfed candle breaking a mini TL and the second trade is a three push pattern with the 3 rd push failing and engulfing up (aka wedge variant engulfing entry). Entry 1 pip above the engulfed candle also broke a mini TL.

There were no deal breakers for either trade.

Trade management: After the first trade triggered it pulled back to 6.5 pips then shot up to 5 pips where I closed 80% at set SL to 7 pips. Price then pulled back another two times with the 3rd push failing and engulfing up . Half was closed at 3.3 pips as the break of the trend line occurred quickly then 10% was closed at 4, 5 and 8.5 pips. At this point the two positions were merged and the remainder was scalped up to 129.59 where the final TP was placed.

All my calls can be seen live at constantine@forexpa1

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