Rejection of something that doesn’t fit the social routine is a common behavior among us. People don’t like what they don’t understand. Even worse, we generally tend to be afraid of the unknown. How do people react to forex trading profession?Do you tell others that you trade for a living or you prefer to hide behind more “accepted” professional labels? Does your partner understand your trading career or they classify you as crazy and in need of a “proper” job?Forex trading is often misunderstood, threaded as a joke career or quickly dismissed as gambling; therefore many traders don’t even bother telling others that they trade. Besides ignorance, there is of course the jealously towards achievement, therefore in most cases it is better not to admit your forex trading success to others, unless you want to be proclaimed as a lazy idiot that cannot hold a normal job.Some traders explain forex with combination of unobjectionable careers such as computers and accountancy. Forex trading is a proper profession – it is demands time, instincts, business mind, management, planning and strategy building.However, since online forex trading is relatively new concept of making a living, the major portion of society is still quite unaware of forex as a career.Pretending to have another profession in this case has little to do with being ashamed of it. Some people compare trading to brain surgery in terms of skill and focus – definitely not a career to be ashamed of! When you make a living with forex trading and the market brings you constant profits, the true self-confidence should be enough to dodge disapproving glances of the judgmental by passers.The part played by a partner is extremely important, and their cooperation is crucial. I guess, I am very lucky to have a very understanding partner who supports and appreciates the difficulty of forex trading. After all, there are sacrifices made from both sides of the relationship. It is important for trader’s success to be around people who don’t poison the air with envious and sarcastic remark regarding what you consider an essential part of who you are.Unless they are forex traders, nobody truly understands what you are going through. Even people who are dealing with stock market one way or another believe that the market is random. In my experience, it is better off not discussing forex with the outside world! Instead, mention something about going in Dubai,China,kampala...or accounting – boring professions are respected but rarely talked about!If you choose, however, to uncover your true identity as a forex trader, at least make a rule to others that you will not give any market predictions or tips.Also, once you are successful, it is important not to show off. It makes people extremely envious. Keep it as simple as possible – others don’t need to know about the millions in your bank account!Sometimes when people hear that you are a forex trader they might accuse you of being lazy, unsociable and arrogant. Responses such as “you should be doing something more positive”, or “don’t you feel the need to contribute to the society”, “How much did you earn a month”, “That sounds so boring, I could never do that” or “aren’t you lonely? Don’t you need people around you?” are not uncommon. I personally put all the rude responses down to jealousy, ignorance and intimidation by the technical definition of forex trading. Sorry, but I don’t do “normal”! I am different and proud of it (my earnings speak for themselves).Others might have an impression that you are a gambler – not too uncommon, but it does invoke unpleasant reactions from those who think you should share the secret of easy-money making! The truth is that 95% of traders (and I am talking about the unsuccessful forex luck-seekers, who do not deserve the title “trader” in the first place) are gambling! Therefore it is not unreasonable to expect from others to think that you belong to the unfortunate group! I have to admit that quite a number of people have dismissed me as a gambler, but I don’t really care. I pity the slaves of the employment system. Better to be a gambler than a slave, don’t you agree?

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Comment by Glider on June 9, 2014 at 7:36am

Balegamire, Very good article indeed and nice read. Pity it is not featured I can see a lot of thought has gone into this. And speaks volumes for what us as ordinary traders are experiencing. Well done.

Comment by Turjo on June 9, 2014 at 9:29am

Wonderful article.

Comment by Bero on June 9, 2014 at 9:55am

wise and true article Balegamire well done :)

Comment by Surjya on June 12, 2014 at 3:37am

Hi Balegamire,

Good article. With forex trading relatively new than other professions many people do not understand it and it is true as you said "People don’t like what they don’t understand". It is just not the case of forex trading but any other subject / thing. But once these people see the money that can be earned in fx trading, their interests seems no bounds. 

Also a supportive partner/ family do helps.




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