We Will Never Forget
          The empirical evidence that the people of the Occidental economies have failed to grasp the realities of globalization mount as the European and American political, economic and financial systems begin to disintegrate  and unravel under debt, civil unrest, contracting economies at worst, slowing economies at best, downgraded credit ratings and  a broken and second rate education system. All a result of  the fact the people have failed to comprehend what it really means now that the Third World has arrived  as a beacon of our success, the result of the ideals that we brought to the world via the “American Century” that are now manifesting as globalization.
The Titanic is sinking because of a host of iceberg sized realities like the recent downgrade by Standard and Poors of the US credit rating from AAA to AA+ for the first time in US history. Realities like the fact China will be the largest economy in the world in a few years as a result of the exportation of the American economy overseas to more business friendly environments; environments that have modeled themselves on the American system of Capitalism as a result of the American Century with the added caveat of not being bound by the ideals of human rights, self determination and the bravery and freedom of individual responsibility that is the integral essence of American Exceptionalism. Ideals, concepts and values that even the hero of the “ it’s America’s Fault” crowd, the worlds’ longest reigning communist leader and as such the most influential ruler on the planet for the majority of peoples by proxy, Fidel Castro, has said is the best and only feasible economic modality for the world to follow . He has demonstrated his belief in this ideal by passing the torch of his leadership to his brother who has begun the process of privatizing the Cuban economy.
Meanwhile back at the ranch the dumbed down media and people of the west are unable to realize that the history books will record this as a watershed event for socialism and communism after the falling of the Berlin Wall. The people of the US are unwilling to understand that these are the reasons and forces behind these fundamental transformations that have happened to our country as the result of not only the facts just mentioned but also that unlike before and after WWII there was no place for corporations to go to in the Western economies. But now there is, because of Americas resounding success of raising more people out of poverty than has ever been witnessed in history before via its capitalistic transmission to the entire world.
It is these realities among many that are unraveling the fabric of our economy and even our society and not just some rich white corporate boogie man who stole everything and whose only goal is to suppress minorities and keep them enslaved as a majority of people choose to believe. It’s not even because of convenient and mainstream targets like currency manipulation. Even with the popping gold price sending out its May Day warning as it has always done throughout history before a major calamity or transformation transpires in the brightest fashion possible at nearly 2k an ounce, Americans scratch their heads unable to understand why this is happening to gold and tell Congress to tax a few wealthy folks left in America. A diminishing base of wealth that is already migrating to Asia where wealth is welcomed and not punished, and goes much further because of the unlevel playing field as a result of the fact that in Asia they are not bound by Exceptionalism but only profit.
The denial of the people is exemplified by the electing of politicians bought and paid for by lobbies. Their denial is also demonstrated by the way they have chosen to label a vocal,  no nonsense this-is-the-facts-of-the-matter conservative minority as racist, greedy bigots for refusing to deny the grave reality of the impending currency collapse; a minority that unlike the majority of the population and politicians, have stayed focused on addressing the imminent financial implosion of the Empire with solutions, however painful and flawed they may be as a result of voters who vote based on feelings ruled by fear fostered by the drive-by media spin of class warfare and blame.
The voters and people are apparently unwilling to learn facts. Facts which, said in another way, are that Corporations are very certain of many things: certain it will cost too much to even hire someone, certain it will cost too much to pay for their employees healthcare, certain they can avoid taxes if they hire and produce somewhere else, certain that the US is an unfriendly business environment as a result of massive government regulatory and financial interference and intervention that result in deflated earnings from currency debasement and impossibly lengthy permit requirements’ and approvals with insane fees that make it simply not worth the effort. Corporations are certain that America can do anything it sets its’ mind to, like killing Bin Laden, but for now it has set its’ mind on entitling itself into default and bankruptcy, in short… financial collapse.
All of this in an age when our beacon of strength as a Nation has not been rebuilt at Ground Zero ten years after the apparent dawn of our twilight on September 11th 2001. To add insult to injury our Nation faces depression era unemployment with the most unfortunate of society surfacing as 1/3rd of young African American men. This has happened in the Space Age when we have the ability to build a tower at Ground Zero with magnetic elevators that could reach that hotel that will be in orbit very soon. But instead we are repeating the same tragedy of the 1960`s as was made with the Apollo Space Program and are focusing all of our blood and treasure on a one time jaunt to some silly asteroid and the planet named after war, Mars. This is ironic at best, tragic to be certain.
Rather than wake up and reclaim their self determination and personal responsibility the American and western people cling to talking points of blame and class warfare, while they fail to vote for a majority of politicians who are not pawns of the class warfare special interest lobby that promises to save the people. The lobby that sponsors the phone-hacking drive-by-media-corporate-military-industrial–complex- monopoly that the people are conditioned by whether they pay attention to it all or not or whether they know it or not because that’s the intention and result of the monopoly.
These facts and realities are virtually assuring (to the delight of many and even apparent majority who believe the West and especially Israel and America stole everything in the first place and need to be “fundamentally transformed”, by apparently equalizing the West with the Third World  and subjugating it back to the elite that lost their rule over it in the American Revolution and would have Israel cease to exist at all) that in the very near future the rise of Asia, the Middle East and South America as the power houses in the Century of the Orient will be who the Occident will have to answer and look to for everything from leadership, loans and jobs, to resources, education and  weapons.
To read more articles by this author click here. Special thanks to Pamala Maitreya for editing and contributing.

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