Already included in yesterday´s post, no critical leveles have changed.

Aceptance/rotation within upper areas of value, contained between 1.3190-1.3145.

I would wait for the accepted levels to be breached before makign any decision.

Buyers still in control, so far.

If sellers take action, teh first (important) area where I would like to see buying will be 1.3100-1.3070, followed 1.3040 (mild) & 1.3016-1.2998... Lots to fill, in the event of downside pressure.

Breach of 1.3160 will like provide downward pressure.... 1.3088 is another POC to take into account, followed by 1.3100 & 1.3085/80 and 1.3040 and 1.30´s

Alternatively, provided buyers mantain conttrol, I would like to see 1.3196 being breached with conviction, followed by 1.3250-1.3210 & 1.3360-1.3290.

1.3217 as an important price point.

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