Trading Signals Introduced in MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal

The biggest news from Metaquotes since they launch MetaTrader 5 in 2010?


Trading Signals Have Been Introduced in MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal
Trading signals have been introduced in MetaTrader 4 client terminal beginning from build 445. After updating their terminals, traders will be able to subscribe to signals from various providers, whose trading operations will be automatically copied on trader's accounts.

Currently, traders can subscribe only to free signals that do not pass any tests and do not promise any profit. Paid signals should pass the test period of one month and show good results.

We already have several registered providers who are ready to offer their signals for a fee. You can find information about them on website. However, they are not open for subscription, as their test period is not complete yet. Traders will be able to subscribe to their signals right upon its completion. Until then, they may try free signals. The details about subscription can be found in the article "How to Subscribe to Trading Signals":

Traders can also become Signals Providers and make additional profit. To do this, they just need to register on as Providers, specifying their trading account and subscription fee. We have already solved the issues of checking the results of trading activity, as well as arranging relations with Subscribers. If Provider's trading activity is profitable by the end of the test period, his or her trading signal will become available for subscription and will bring profit.

An important advantage of the MetaTrader 4 trading signals is direct interaction with end users. Information about each signal will be available in all trading terminals and each MetaTrader 4 user can become a Subscriber. Find out about more advantages in another article.

The Signals service has already been tested in MetaTrader 5. We are currently working on the enhanced version of the service to provide traders with even more features.

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