Top 10 2012 - Technical Reports and Webinar Videos

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We´re continuing to reveal the most popular content of 2012. Today, we´re posting the most viewed technical reports and webinar videos.

If you missed any of the webinars, you can still catch them, it's never late to learn something. As for the technical reports, all are still being published and updated on a regular basis, so bookmark them to be sure not to miss them in 2013!


  1. Experts Forecast Currencies Poll by contributors
    Every week, publishes the Experts Forecast Currencies Poll. A pool of selected traders and analysts gives us their targets for the major currencies for the week, month and quarter to come. The report also includes a table for each pair, together with the experts comments.
  2. Currency Majors Technical Perspective by Valeria Bednarik and Richard Lee
    In this report, Valeria Bednarik gives us her intraday perspective for the majors, including support, resistance and other entry points.
  3. The best pair to trade now by Valeria Bednarik
    Twice per day, Valeria Bednarik scans the market and shares with her readers the currency pair she considers to be the best to trade in the short time, based on a technical analysis point of view.
  4. Forex Market Alerts by FXMarketAlerts
    Ontime updates for the Forex Market. It covers all what is moving the market, from technical levels to fundamental events.
  5. Daily Technical Update by Fan Yang
    Every day Fan Yang analyses the most interesting pair and anticipates different scenarios.
  6. FX trade signals by Navin Prithyani
    From Forex Watchers, Navin's brief analysis for the EURUSD and his forecast for that day, including the fundamental event you must be aware of.
  7. Intraday commentary on patterns by Mark de la Paz
    This signals report, based on a pattern detector, provides a high number of potential trades on a wide variety of pairs every day.
  8. EURUSD Daily Outlook by AceTrader   
    Acetrader's outlook focuses on a major every day and points out the most importants levels for that pair, providing a trading strategy for it.
  9. Technical Summary for Majors by Slobodan Drvenica
    In this daily report, exclusively published on, Slobodan Drvenica from Windsor Brokers Ltd gives us his technical view for the majors together with their chart that include the indicators he looks at: RSI, MACD, Momentum and Stochastics.
  10. Currency Majors Technical Analysis by Arnaud Jeulin
    Snapshot of the twelve most traded pairs, their support and resistance levels and their 15 minutes charts attached.



  1. Supply / Demand and Odds Enhancers - Part 1: Foundation by Sam Seiden
    Sam Seiden shares some important parts of his market timing supply and demand strategy and include some key odds enhancers that help determine where markets are going to change direction and where they are going to go.
  2. Live Trading and Analysis by Sam Seiden
    Sam applies his rule based Supply and Demand strategy to both swing and short term trading the in the forex markets.
  3. Supply / Demand and Odds Enhancers - Part 2: Foundation by Sam Seiden
    Sam continues his presentation by covering advanced Odds Enhancers that give you a significant edge.
  4. Three Key Things That Can Increase Your Winning Percentage by Sam Seiden
    Sam covers three strategy components that will help increase your winning percentage when trading the fast moving Forex markets.
  5. Supply / Demand and Odds Enhancers - Part 3: Application by Sam Seiden
    Sam demonstrates how to apply Supply and Demand market timing principles to the live Forex markets.
  6. My Pattern Recognition Strategy by Steven Primo
    With a special focus on Pattern Recognition, Steven Primo designed this webinar so that you can begin using his strategy in it's most basic form right away. Though this method works best for intraday traders, it can still be applied to holding positions overnight as well.
  7. Using Confirmation For Trade Entry by Rob Helean
    Rob Helean talks about the change of trend patterns and how to identify them. He even adds in a few tips and tricks he has learnt from his own personal trading along the way.
  8. How to find buy and sell zones on your charts by David Pegler
    David Pegler walks you through daily analysis and very easily demonstrates how to find key buy and sell zones for your days trading.
  9. Forex Price Action Trading - Patterns, Setups & Quantitative Data by Chris Capre
    Chris Capre's webinar is for those who like to trade price action or are wanting to learn forex price action trading.
  10. Money makes Money, Trade with the Big Boys by Steve Patterson
    Steve Patterson teaches you a little bit about how the markets really work and how the big players use various strategies to make money from money.

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