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So, 2012 is behind us and we now have both feet firmly in 2013. Now that we have finally digested the Christmas Turkey and recovered from our New Year´s parties, we decided to take a step back and have a look at what the hits of the year on were.

We have established eight "Top 10" categories for content and contributions over the year. Today, we will reveal the most read pieces of news and educational content.

Stay tuned! More to be revealed in the days to come!



The hottest headlines on last year were related to the EURO, the star currency judging by 10 most-read pieces of news. It is no surprise either that news related to Greece, Spain or the ECB's President Draghi where also amongst the most read subjects in 2012.

  1. Forex: How far could go the Euro? 1.40 or even 1.50? - Banks analysis - Fri, Sep 14 2012, 21:34 GMT
  2. EUR/USD spikes above 1.25 on EU summit remarks - Fri, Jun 29 2012, 03:06 GMT
  3. Forex Flash: Silver to rally robustly on US QE3 – TD Securities - Fri, Jul 06 2012, 14:21 GMT
  4. Forex: EUR/USD jumped above 1.2100 on ESM rumours - Wed, Jul 25 2012, 07:17 GMT
  5. Fitch downgrades Greece to CCC on exits fears - Thu, May 17 2012, 17:43 GMT
  6. Forex: EUR/USD conquers 1.3100 peak; What next? 1.35 or 1.25? - Fri, Dec 14 2012, 22:35 GMT
  7. Spain May Retail Sales (YoY): -4.9% vs -9.8% (Apr)  - Wed, Jun 27 2012, 07:01 GMT
  8. Forex Flash: Buy or sell EUR/USD? - Commerzbank and Danske Bank - Tue, Apr 17 2012, 11:00 GMT
  9. Forex: EUR/USD rallies on Draghi’s comments - Thu, Jul 26 2012, 10:32 GMT
  10. US: Dallas Fed Manufacturing Business Index falls unexpectedly to -... - Mon, Nov 26 2012, 15:34 GMT


  1. "Special ITC 2012 - Forex Traders share their trading tips - eBook" by In this content, presents you the trading tips collected among speakers and traders of the International Traders Conference 2012 all gathered in an ebook.
  2. The Relationship Between Stock Prices and Bond Prices by Brandon Wendell. This article of the Online Trading Academy explains the connection between stocks and bonds, relationship that most people don't know.
  3. Volume and Open Interest: How to Use it to Trade More Effectively by Jim Wyckoff. With this article about futures volume and open interest readers will learn more about these significant factors to monitor when trading futures.
  4. 'Artificial Intelligence systems will sooner or later beat any huma... by This interview is part of the "Forex Visionaries" series that produced in 2012. Gerd Häußler, who has been involved in A.I. technology for more than 20 years. He explains what are Artificial Intelligence systems, how they can be compared to other automated models in trading and what will be their future.
  5. Trading the US Dollar with the FOMC Minutes by Alex Nekritin. The relationship between a currency pair and an economic data release is a basic knowledge all traders should have. In this article the author explains how to trade the USD with the FOMC Minutes.
  6. Why Technical Analysis Always Fails in the End by Boris Schlossberg. In this article, Boris Schlossberg talks about technical trading and some of  its debilities.
  7. Supply and Demand by This the second chapter of a series called "Forex Essentials Course: 21 lessons to get started in Forex" and is focused on Supply and demand, the drivers of the forex market.
  8. Metatrader 5 vs Metatrader 4: The comparison by Boston Technologies Inc. In this short video, Boston Technologies compares MetaTrader 4 to MetaTrader 5 through.
  9. 'It is the inefficiency within markets which creates opportunity da... by In this "Forex Visionaries" interview, Mark Whistler, a full-time trader and author of several books on Swing Trading, Trading Psychology and Volatility shares his views about sentiment and news technologies in the markets.
  10. The Fabulous Fibonacci Forex Method by Stacy Pruitt.This article gets back to the basics of the famous Fibonacci method and explains how to use it in the Forex market.

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