This week -04-08 May - we may see eitherway stop hunts

Dear All

This week 04-08 May ,the forecast says we may see eitherway stop hunt moves in majors - Today they could hold and build sell positions and make upward stop hunt moves to create a bullish feel and then slowly slide EURO and GBP during this week.This way they could create the market sentiment and act against the traders when they commit positions.

I have explained the session wise forecast for all the 5 days of this week  and the levels in which the currencies could swing in this week , during my Asian session Live market analysis webinar.

The recording of the same is available in the given below link:

For UK elections and NFP data release they may do more USD gaining moves before the next USD weakening moves they could do from second week of May.

I will review the forecast during my next Asian session live market analysis webinar on 07th May between 05:00-05:30 GMT,to find the accuracy of the forecast and also to decide how effectively  the forecast can be used in our trading decisions.

Wish you all happy trading.





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