Explaining your strategy and trying to convince other people how good your system works its just plain silly! I have been watching few traders around here going crazy trying to explain how well their system works. Scalping or swinging or shaving or gambling who are we to say what works best? Its just a pure ego massage overall, so you wont be turning this trading world upside down or score extra points in the great book of traders! Be humble, trade your charts, post some examples, and if anyone is interested in your style you will be approached by whom ever considers its worth it. Then you just help or provide advice being free or paid..but for the love of god please stop arguing about nonsense. If you feel offended pls get over it :) there are so many aspects to being a great trader, its just like analyzing every snow flake out there. I might get many answers trying to tell me how wrong or right i am, or maybe none..in the end your account is your only judge and your overall survival! And even then you're just one step away from messing everything up... life i heard is just full of surprises so what you think is self control today might not be there tomorrow. Trade the best you can every day! Good luck!


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Comment by Jawad Dilber on March 12, 2012 at 5:48am

Beautifully written.. Very good advise

Comment by talisman on March 12, 2012 at 8:16am

high five !


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