Our new administrator Tony sent me his Week Ahead report. You probably have received it already by e-mail but just in case, here you have it

Happy trading week!

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The Week Ahead in the FX Market
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Monday 25th
EURUSD will be under our loop, during Germany News release Red Numbers might push EURUSD under the support 1.3357 Green Numbers might let EURUSD fly above the resis 1.250. During NY time the US Dollar will be under the mercy of fundamentals where red numbers might start a correction. USDJPY next challenge might be resis 119.00 on Monday.

Tuesday 25th
Important News Will be released from US during NY Time, Red Numbers might push the market to a correction on all majors. In case the market did fall on Monday, Tuesday might show a up correction on EURUSD. Green numbers might push majors more down EURUSD might reach 1.225

Wednesday 26th
The big event on Wednesday will be from UK where GBPUSD Is in need for Green fundamental numbers to try retesting resistance levels. In case GBPUSD reach 1.58 during first 2 days of the week, than 1.60 might be the key resis level to test. EURUSD will be again under the mercy of German news Important news will be followed from NY and a red number might increase a correction wave on all majors, on the other hand a red number might push the market more down.

Thursday 27th
During NY market close on Thanks Giving day in the US, we have a wave of news releases from Germany where green numbers might push EURUSD toward 1.25 resis, & red numbers might push EURUSD toward 1.22 or 1.21 USDJPY if it fail to go above 119.00 during the first 3 days of the week on Th Fundamental news might be the key, in case on Th morning USDJPY is above 119.00 than 120.00 is next.

Friday 28th
EURUSD on Friday in case it went up during all the week we might get a correction similar to last Friday after red numbers release. In case EURUSD was falling all the week we might get a correction with Green numbers. USDCAD news release might increase an attack against the closest level after all week moves, resis 1.1465 & sup 1.1121
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