First of all I apologize for my English is not my native language
I am here looking for information on forex statégie amazing Merlin
A few years ago he published on a forum (FF) strategy amazing
I read and reread this strategy hundreds of times! The thing I get stuck is how to determine a highest and lowest daily before the day does not end ????? If someone could enlighten me in this dark dead end I'm infinimment recognizing him. Thank you in advance

Here is the statégie:


i finally found the amazing scalping strategy i have been looking for all my life!!!!

EuroRiddle v1.0 (99.9% accuracy) :

> you make 1 trade per day on the EURUSD

> your "day" ends at 4:59EST and starts at 5pm EST

> use 60 minute chart with the MACD and RSI on the chart

> each day at 5pm EST you start watching the chart. it may take hours and hours of watching the chart, but keep watching until the high or low for the day has been hit.

> as soon as the daily high or low has been hit on the 60 minute charts, switch to your 1 minute charts. if the daily high or low has also been hit on the 1 minute chart, the signal is confirmed.

> after the signal is confirmed enter the trade immediately. if it is the high for the day that has been hit, go short. if it is the daily low that has been hit, go long.

> set stop loss of 15 pips and a profit target of 25 pips.


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Comment by ccmsp1 on September 30, 2011 at 11:27am

iread about that strategy........xyx forum: start 2004........and now i check the same xyx forum.....interest, still work ........ xyx forum have still topic and the late is today - 2011.

I only read about it.....never trade.....




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