On Friday I made some long EUR/USD trades from 1.3012 with stops below 1.2995. My trades survived by just one pip and my profit targets at 1.3046 and 1.3080 were reached. Right now I am seeing some indecisive maneuvers from both sides - bulls and bears. Monday has always been the day when the market mostly starts making its own mind about where it should go within a week.

I still haven't seen the strong 1.3150 - 70 resistance level tested, and I know that many serious short orders are placed within that area. So I expect the market to continue North until it reached the 1.3150 - 70. Then things may start looking really interesting, after the bulls and bears will be putting up a serious fight. I would start selling from 1.3150 - 60 with stops above 1.3180.

In the meantime I have placed two long EUR/USD orders in the 1.3050 level with stops below 1.3027. Let's see what happens...

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