Sam Seiden Reviews Some Market Myths, Truths and Scams

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An interesting article from Sam Seiden, Vice President of Education and Product Development at Online Trading Academy, reviewing some market myths, truths and scams like:

1. "The Spot Forex markets are a trillion dollar market" Myth/Scam
2. "They have good earnings and a broker upgrade so the stock must go up"Myth/Scam
3. "Futures trading high risk" Myth/Scam

Enjoy it!


Market Myths, Truths and Scams
By Sam Seiden, Online Trading Academy Vice President of Education and Product Development
So often at Online Trading Academy, I speak with market speculators both new and experienced and realize they are talking about something they think they completely understand when in reality, their perception of the truth is very wrong. While I certainly don't know it all and very much enjoy learning myself, I thought a short article on "truth" vs. "myth" in markets would hopefully benefit you, and help you avoid the myths and scams out there that can get you in trouble.

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