D25: reflects the market demand tend to buy very large, although there are some buyers that release rates up to 40 points

D26: Buyer missed the release date of 26 sellers take advantage of 16 points, although much smaller than the release point that is given the buyer, with a strong market sentiment on the 25th provided the impetus for the buyers to continue purchasing, but with the strong encouragement of previously hesitant buyers and just take advantage of the price on release day yesterday 40 points, on 26 buyer releasing 25 points.

D29: the power of buyers is stored in the last week as a result the purchase of GAP 13 points fairly strong, but not exceeding 25 points release date of purchase 26 sellers take advantage of the release yesterday just 11 points.

D30 prediction:


1. volume candlestick trend of diminishing market in controlled sellers

2. release of very large purchases by 46 points from volume 13 points

@ 3 days total release yesterday reached 111 points, if you expect the seller of foreclosed market sentiment is strong, then the volume of sales had to exceed 66 points on 2 days ago

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Comment by Gonçalo Moreira on April 30, 2013 at 9:48am

Hi Andik,

interesting approach. Could you explain what you mean by "volume candlestick"?  What kind of volume do you use?


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