To start off lets look at the bigger time frames to get a sense of the bigger powers driving EU.  

Keeping it simple: on the daily its in a clear uptrend and held the uptrend line on friday.  On the weekly it recently broke a strong downtrend line, which is now acting as support, but is still in a general triangle shape.

On my hourly chart I have monthly(thick green/yellow/red lines) and weekly(green yellow red lines) floor pivot levels along with weekly camarilla levels(white/gray lines).  Right now eu is trading below the monthly pivot which is also the highs of last week.  My geuss is it will hold below the 1.3815 monthly pivot and head back down to the weekly pivot near 1.3730.  A break above 1.3815 would be extremely bullish and should take it to weekly R2 at 1.3880.

Now on to the intra-day Market Profile, Floor, Camarilla pivot levels, along with 2 day relationship analysis and pivot width analysis.  All of the 2-day relationships are bullish and all of the pivot width's are expecting a range day.  From this my view is that EU remains bullish, however will likely stay in a range and wait for Thursday or Friday to make its next move.  Hotzones are 1.3815 which is the Monthly Pivot and daily Camarilla H3.  Another hotzone is 1.3774 which is daily Camarilla L3 and the bottom central pivot (bc).  I'll look for sell entries at 1.3815 and buy entries at 1.3774.

Below is what i look at while I'm trading.  Bottom right is the 1hr with weekly/monthly pivots and weekly camarillas.  Bottom left 15min has daily camarillas in white/grey and market profile levels(Green = Val, Pink = POC, Red = VAH) with yesterday's market profile levels in a darker shade and dashed line.  Top right 5min has daily floor pivots and central pivot range (bc, tc) in light blue.  Top left will either be the 1min or 10 tick candles(don't laugh :D all timeframes work together).

I'll be posting my scalps/day trades within 2 minutes of them being taken along with a SL and then post when I close (either in profit or loss).

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Comment by Rock Hard Financial on April 9, 2014 at 12:19am

EU bought at 1.37891 with SL at 1.37840.

Comment by Turjo on April 9, 2014 at 4:01am


Comment by Indy on April 9, 2014 at 10:30pm

yes, very good post. I hope you do some more




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