Opening Price Magnet For European and US markets on EU and EJ : 58/60 Successful

The 7am GMT European opening price for Euro pairs and the 14.30 GMT US opening price for USD pairs acts a magnet for price on non trend days. This is due to the phenomenon of volume weighted averaging.
At the European and US opens the large currency orders for the day come in and the traders executing these trades don't buy or sell all in one go as that would risk making the market way to volatile and they would have no control over how their trade fared relative to the average price of the day. Someone ordering billions of EUR or USD would not be impressed with their trader if the price they bought or sold for was below the average price of the day. Therefore traders spend all day buying and selling in packets trying not to be beaten by the average price of the day causing price to always gravitate to 7am. This is far less effective over the summer when businesses and factories close as there are consequently far fewer orders coming through. Trend days often tend to break this rule although even then price will fluctuate around 7am briefly then shoot off. It is quite incredible if you watch price kissing 7am on the nose repeatedly then bouncing off it or going through.

You can profit from this in one of three ways:

You can use 7am for profit targets of a trade you are already in or


You can risk a scalp to 7am ONLY if price has been rejected from a peak or trough on a non trend day and it shows considerable momentum in coming back to 7am. Ie it is spiking up or down. DO NOT enter a trade when price is just in a channel to 7am unless is breaks out of the channel in the direction of 7am. Then scalp from 7 pips away taking profit 2 pips away from the 7am price. So far every call of mine to scalp long or short has worked in fact today 3rd February I took one long and one short calling each one before hand.


If price has been away from 7am and it is approaching it and you are considering a trade AWAY from 7am think again, you could be burnt.

Stop Loss must be set at something obviously technical and no more than 10-12 pips otherwise even an 80:20 win ratio won't make sense any more, and this is easily that successful

Enjoy this one, be sensible with it as I have outlined above.

Trade History:Wins and losers:

3rd Feb: Called twice successfully

4th Feb: Called once successfully

5th Feb: Called one in the main room with entry and exit points and traded two earlier all successful. Note TP has to be 2 pips from 7am as price can miss it sometimes as it did on one of them by 1.8 pips.

6TH February I called a long after the 13.30 news successfully.

7th February: 

Called twice in the main room, successful both times, even on the NFP day.

10th February:

Called it in the main room successfully

11th February:

Traded successfully twice according to the rules above ie with strong momentum. Not called out this time.

14th February: Called in the main room. Successful. Called a second with a ten pip profit target but it only made it to 9.5 pips although I did advise closing at 9 pips.

24th February: Called it in the main room. Successful

25th February: Called in the main room successfully. This was an unusual one as there was no spike but price was hovering close to 7am with an obvious counter trade if it failed to get to 7am. This was only for the pros.

Later called in the main room as per standard spike from a higher high back to 7am. Successful

27th February: Called successfully in the main room

4th March: Called successfully in the main room 

5th March: Called successfully in the main room

7th March: Called successfully in the main room after NFP release

10th March : Called successfully in the main room.

11th March: Called in the main room on EJ but failed with a news release with loss of 5 pips.

Called in main room on EJ and EU successfully.

12th March: Called one and failed with 10 pip loss. Called a second and won. The first was in a channel and not strictly a spike

13th March: Called in main room successfully on EJ after it spiked down from a double top

Called in main room successfully on EU

14th March:

EJ called short to 7am with entry and exit points and EJ called long with entry and exit point and a 3rd trade short with entry and exit ALL 3 successful

18th March:

Called on EJ in main room with entry and exit point successfully.

21st March: EJ traded successfully, EU traded successfully with entry and exit points called.

24th March: EU and EJ called in the main room, unusually hitting after 5pm GMT

25th March: EJ called successfully in the main room spiked up from a channel

. Later two called in main room one on. EU, the other on EJ. Both successful.

26th March: EJ called successfully

27th March EJ and EU called successfully

28th March EU called successfully first long then short

9th April: EJ called successfully and UJ called successfully

11th April EJ called successfully twice morning and 15.45 GMT

15th April EU and EJ called short successfully and EU called long successfully. I also traded EJ long without calling it successfully

22nd April: EU called and EJ called with entry and exit points.

24th April: 4 Traded successfully, only 1 of which was called in the main room

29th April EJ called successfully

2nd May: EJ called successfully . Draw down of 15 pips until target hit

6th May: EJ called successfully. 3 pip draw down before target hit

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Comment by Dr evil on April 15, 2014 at 6:59am

how can i follow your calls

Comment by Constantine on April 15, 2014 at 8:10am

I post them live on the forum but better still just read the rules and apply them for yourself.


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