How often have I let others lead my trade decisions? This is a question that was brought to mind lately after a rather large loss on intraday trade. I had to step back and look at why I made the trade and of course there it was someone else twitter that started the whole thing. After a few forehead smacks I realized how idiotic it is to be lead by unknowns into a trade decision. From now on I will ask that vital question before I make any trade. Why? Its a simple strategy I know, but I need to trade with MY knowledge of the charts (however lacking that may be) and not at the whim of others! I will listen and learn from the FOREX greats, but I won't make a decision until I can at least answer why I am about to make that trade. And yes I do believe the glass is still half full!

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Comment by George Sofianos on January 19, 2014 at 9:04pm

Absolutely, we are fellow travellers but in this game everyone is ultimately alone


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