I'm Impressed with FXStreet's Economic Calendar Speed and Accuracy, Says a Forex Trader at Forex Factory

From time to time I like to stopy by Forex Factory - what a great site btw! - and sneak around what they are doing and what traders comment about FXStreet.

So this is what I was doing today when I found out a comment made Feb 13th 2014 about our Economic Calendar that really made my day :)

It comes from Realjumper, a trader that joined FF in 2009 and it has left over 14,000 comments in the site, so I can assure you it was not us :) :)

Thanks Realjumper for the nice comment!



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Over the past couple of days I have been testing another economic calendar. The one here lacks many events which could be important and it's kind of irritating (to me) to have to sit there clicking a little green ball and watching it spin round and round to actually get the data!! So I am now using the very good calendar of FX Street. The calendar is full of useful events and it updates as the event is released.....with no input from you required. It also sounds a chime when each event is released. I have been impressed with it's speed and accuracy and it's great to not have to click and wait for the update. Of course it can be configured to suit your time zone. There are other features there too, but you can find them all in a video tutorial which is at the top of the calendar. The website has some useful stuff elsewhere on it too. You need to sign up to FX Street, but that's a 2 minute operation and is quite painless.

I love the calendar and will use it all the time from now on. Check it out at: http://www.fxstreet.com/economic-calendar/

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