GBPUSD on Weekly: We Are Right on Desicion line

Hello traders,

Long time no see (as usual), sorry for that! I hope all of you are doing well and trading's happy :)

I've been watching closely GBPUSD these weeks, and what I see on my weekly chart is: 

There's a support trendline starting from January, 2009 (Gosh, 4 years!), which the pair is testing for 2nd week. I see this line as pivotal one: being tested earlier in June, 2012 - it pulled GBP back up for several months. 

Though it's tough to predict, but week could close as doji candle and probably we'll see the following weeks either a significant breakthrough to new lows, or a reversal. 

I'm not really a pro in analysing GBPUSD, and I follow this instrument relatively for a not so long - so maybe you have your personal clues on possible development of this pattern?

Have a nice day, guys!

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