FXStreet Launches Its 6th Forex MeetUp Group. This Time in Los Angeles

Hi everyone
It was just yesterday that we announced the launching a new FX MeetUp in Sydney, we are delighted to announce today the launch of Los Angeles MeetUp group, the 6th FX meetup after Barcelona, London, New York, Toronto and Sydney.
As all the worldwide meetups organized by FXStreet, the group will meet once per month - first Thursday of the month - at 18:30PM for an hour of networking and learning with the key speech of an advanced trader of the group and sometimes with the presence of a guest speaker.

As we do in the other meetups, once the meetup is finished the group moves to a bar/pub nearby to have a drink all together and keep talking about our common passion: trading the Forex Market. As always we have a sponsor supporting the group, the first round of drinks on the house! :)

To become a member of our Los Angeles MeetUp group, just click here.

Los Angeles group is lead by Josh Lampel

Who is Josh Lampel?
Josh Lampel i
s a principal and series 3 (futures) and 34 (forex) broker with Arrowfield Trading.

He holds a BS in Accounting from Virginia Tech (2001). Introduced to forex trading in 2007, he became a broker in 2009 and started Arrowfield Trading in 2011. Arrowfield Trading is an IIB (independent introducing broker) based in Los Angeles, CA registered with the NFA, currently representing 2 FCM’s and 4 FDM’s and is focused on customer service and a personal broker relationship.

I hope you will enjoy the group very much!


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