FXStreet Launches a Forex MeetUp Group in Melbourne With the Help of IG Markets

FXStreet in partnership with IG Markets is proud to announce today the launching of a new Meetup group in Melbourne, Australia.


After the successful launch of the FXStreet Forex Group Meetup in Barcelona, London, New York, Sydney, Toronto and Los Angeles, Melbourne is the next city joining in.


We will meet once per the first Thursday of every month at our sponsor's headquarters IG Markets for an hour of learning about FX (Forex) all together. 

The group is lead and host by Chris Weston, Chief Market Strategist at IG Markets.

Melbourne Meetup Educational Proposal:
1. Attendees brief introduction (5 to 10 minutes)
2. Key Speech by an advanced member of the group or a guest speaker (40 minutes)
3. Q&A (10/15 minutes)
4. The group moves to a pub nearby to keep talking about FX, make friends and enjoy a round of drinks thanks to our great sponsor IG Markets. 

Two thumbs up for our sponsor!

View from IG Markets trading room:

Great news indeed! Join us in!


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