FXstreet.com Takes Minority Stake at Forex Peer Hedging Marketplace Kantox

Finally it is official... I'm proud to announce here today that FXstreet.com is taking a minority stake holding at a promising fast-growing Forex Hedging P2P (peer to peer) British/Catalan company: Kantox.

Soon you'll find them across FXstreet facilities and I hope that if you are an import/export company or a firm with currency exchange needs, you will give them a try because the savings and their efficientcy are worth a try.
Allow me to sell Kantoxa little bit:

With Kantox, FX hedging is simpler, cheaper and without banks
Kantox is a marketplace to barter future currency flows between companies. It consist in an innovative Web platform which connects companies to creditworthy counterparties (others companies) to match future cash-flows in foreign currencies, at an agreed fixed exchange rate (mid-market, no spread), and thus hedge  FX risk. Without banking intermediation, Kantox offers a fairly priced hedging solution which does not require any collateral.


For more info, you can visit the post I made about them last April when they got into our services section:

Kantox An Innovative Forex Peer Hedging Solution Now Available on FXstree...


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