This weekend some of our members shared with us all some insights that are little jewels for Forex traders that we at consider worth to highlight here today.

Our Forex Social site is growing extremely fast and mainly it is because of these invaluable insight our members share to each other. Do not miss it!!!


1. Reversion Knight Predicts Large Moves for 2013: Prepare for 6,000 pips in 2013
In words of Peter JCP: "Hi Reversion Knight - some nice very brave predictions there and I can see they are based more on fundamentals then just technicals alone - which after all that is how is should be in the "Real World"."

To know how to position for this large moves Reversion Knight is predicting for 2013, Reversion prepared a second blog post to explain it: Positioning your portfolio for large swings


2. A Must Read Trilogy by Romano
Evolution of my charts part 1
Evolution of my charts part 2
My second attack on indicators - aka part 3

In words of Indy: "hi Romano, good post, Its something that i think a lot of traders go through in the learning process. gradually adding more and more stuff to thier charts until they can't trade them any more, then eventually coming out the other side and start removing stuff again until they are left with something that works."


3. Haitham653 Is Back!
After a few days down cause the flu, Haitham653 is back on track. Welcome!
EURUSD - 1.3850 or 1.2700 ?!!!
EURUSD - Weekly Strategy (14-18 Jan 2013)


4. This Week We Welcome:
- Anna Coulling is a full time forex, commodity & equities traders. With over 16 years experience of the financial markets she has traded virtually every market and instrument.
Anna Coulling: Gold Futures Consolidate with Bearish Tone

- With a career spanning almost 30 years, Carol Harmer is undoubtedly one of the most respected and established technical analysts in the UK and is one of the first Forex Bank trader to join the STA (The Society of Technical Analysts).
Carol Harmer: EURUSD After correction, expect 1.3540 to be reached quite quickly


5. Goldman Sachs Forex Forecasts
(view image below)


6. Deutsche Bank: Favourite trades to start 2013
Theme #1: Don’t Wait for USD/JPY Dip: Buy USD/JPY
Theme #2: Euro to Usurp ZIRP: Buy EUR vs. USD, JPY, GBP, CHF
Theme #3: Sterling Staggers, Swiss Trips: Sell GBP TWI, buy EUR/CHF

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