Network Touches New Highs... It Is On Fire!

Just 3 days ago I reported here that our network of FX traders reached new all-time highs Reaches 2,290 Unique Visitors, a New All-Time High

Well, yesterday Thursday 29th those highs were history already.... New highs are now at 2,456 unique visitors, 14,437 page views and 4,276 visits.

Just outstanding figures!!

Once again, I just can't thank you enough for what you are doing guys!

note: I will appreciate some TA on the chart... can we expect new highs to be reached soon or that was all? :)


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Comment by Indy on December 1, 2012 at 12:09am

hi francesc,

yes that looks like a breakout, I might wait for a retest of previous resistance first, then look for a continuation up to new highs. maybe you shoud put a fib on it to get a target.

keep up the good work



Comment by Himanshu Jain on December 3, 2012 at 3:07am

Do you expect less when Francesc is around :)


Congrats! To be honest I had admired the idea when ForexStreet was launched as separate

entity from FxStreet.


-Best wishes from Tokyo and don't forget that new heights are withing your reach.


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