FOREX VIDEO - London Session Review - January 10, 2012

While we have all be shorting the Eur/Usd for weeks, this week we expected a return to some Fibonacci pullback zones to begin, the first of which being back to the Daily 5ema (also 38.2 fib pullback of the last 4hour swing). In this video I layout what we were waiting for just after the London market open as our first clue to take the scalp long, along with how we determined target, stop/risk, and ultimately what caused the trigger to be pulled. This was only intended to be a scalp long with a 50-70 pip target before trying to short the Daily 5ema, but it happened across the eur/usd, gbp/usd, and aud/usd rather simultaneously, which gave us many options. Hope you enjoy the video, come check us out at FXBootcamp!

FXBootcamp London Currency Coach-
Christian Stephens


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