EUR has recovered a bit and reached 1.1030 again, but it seems we have not enough power to break this higher. Currently the price is locked within the range 1.1030-1.0850. This week we haven't so important economic events and data releases. The most important thing will the the FOMC minutes and it is expected the dollar to loose some price, but it won't be much. EUR will try to take advantage and to preak above 1.1030. This week's upside target will be 1.1310 and 1.1030 will remain the reversal piont on Daily frame.

GOLD is back above 1200 but it has reached a strong resistance area between 1225 and 1236. Only a Daily close above 1236 may increase the upside pressure. Here 1198 will be the reversal point and as long as we are above 1206-1208 we are LONG.

NZD uses 0.7541 as a starting point for an upside move. Indicators now are bullish and i expect the pair to move north some more. Daily target will be 1.7720 and Weekly will be 1.7860, but this is far above.To the downside first support is 0.7540, followed by 0.7460. Only below the second we may drop some further.

AUD is desperately trying to form a solid ground somewhere around 0.7600. However below 0.7720 the pair is bearish and the future outlook too. We have a resistance are between 0.7720 and 0.7750. Only a Daily close above it will target the 0.7830 an from there an attack of the negative daily cloud will begin.

JPY is still in a consolidation around 119.00 after making second fail at 122.00 and forming a double top. Bulls still haven't gave up but hopes for further upside seem to fade away. First support is 118.20 followed by 117.70, below this bears' pressure will increase. Upside will be restored once above 120.40.

GBP upside is limited by 1.4930. Next resistance is 1.5030 and finally 1.5120. Any break above the last will reverse the outlook to bullish and further progress can be expected. Until that the pair remains in a consolidation to bullish mode above 1.4870.

RUB continues to gain power against the dollar and the pair remains bearish below 57.50. Reversal point here is 59.50-60.00. Above this upside will continue to 61.60. This week's tagret will be 52.10.Weekly,Daily and H4 indicators point to the downside so i expect the pair to continue is this direction.

For today:

LONG EUR above 1.0930 SL 1.0920 TP 1.1030-1.1090-1.1120-1.1160-1.1250-1.1320

SHORT EUR below 1.0870 SL 1.0880 TP 1.0780-1.0660-1.0590

LONG GOLD above 1208 SL 1205 TP 1222-1228-1234-1238-1246-1252

SHORT GOLD below 1198 SL 1201 TP 1192-1188-1178-1166

Good luck!

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