EUR failed to stay above 1.1000 last week beacuse of the fears about the rumors of Greece leaving the Eurozone soon. Everybody is waiting to see what will happen this month. Of course such move will throw markets into panic for several days and this will affect badly all pairs with much unpredictable moves, so i doubt that someone has interest of Greece leaving now. Greek's prime minister knows this and i must confess he is using it well against his partners. In this difficult situation it is quite difficult to think about any significant recovery of the EUR. It is quite more possible that the current recovery will end soon and a fresh leg down will come with targets below 1.0400 so if you hold any LONG positions you'd better prepare to take your profit in time, before it becomes loss. Do not try to hold your loosing positions, going against the market is the worst idea ever believe me!!! Sell below 1.0900 and add to SHORT below 1.0790. You may try small long positins above 1.1160 for 1.1370, but we are far away from this level now.

GOLD is still waiting around the corner, ready to explode higher if Eurozone decides to kick out Greece, you should be prapaired for 200-300 dollars or more in just one week. H1, H4 and Daily indicators slowly are turning to bullish but as consolidation continues for too much time the signals are not reliable right now. Despite all i think that as soon as we break above 1212 the upside will continue. Until that we shall have more of consolidation around 1188.

NZD has given up against the dollar, and the price of the pair collapsed last week from 0.7320 to 0.7080. Indicators on H4, Daily and Weekly are strongly bearish, only H1 shows some correction ahead, but i think it won't live long, and more slide is to come to 0.7000 or 0.6960 for example. For now the upside is limited by 0.7140.

AUD is also bearish but is trying to form a support level at 0.7615-20. The upside is limited by the 0.7680 resistance followed by 0.7730. Downside target is 0.7600 and below. It is difficult to forecast correctly the next move of this pair right now, but i think we are going south here too.

JPY is totally doomed as the dollar has broken 122.00 resistance and reached 124.00 then closed at the top. Daily, H4 and Weekly indicators are bullish, but smaller ones show some correction is going right now. I think that above 123.80 you still may try going long, but below that you'd better stay aside. 123.00 is the overall support and reversal point. Above that bullish trend is intact.

GBP is still in a correction mode after the huge jump 2 weeks ago. The price has formed some temporary support at 1.5250 and is trying to make it strong enough to stop any further slide. However it won't be easy. Main support here is 1.5190 and below that the way to 1.5000 and below will be opened again. Upside will be fully restored once above 1.5550.

RUB is now in a difficult situation as the dollar shows strength again. The pair is bullish above 50.50 support, which is the reversal point at the same time. Closing the day above 53.00 will add more impulse to the dollar bulls and we shall enter into the negative Daily cloud then next target will be 57.00. Breaking below 50.00 will open the way to 48.50.

For today:

SHORT EUR below 1.0910 SL 1.0925 TP 1.0865-1.0790-1.0750

LONG EUR above 1.1125 SL 1.1110 TP 1.1190-1.1240-1.1310

SHORT GOLD below 1196 SL 1199 TP 1189-1182-1178-1166

LONG GOLD above 1213 SL 1210 TP 1224-1232-1244-1251

Good luck!

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