EyeVest The Professionals Track Stocks. You Track their Performance. Beta Version Now Available, Try it Now!

Hi everyone, Chris Tramount the host of FXStreet's New York Traders Group meetup has just launched the beta version of EyeVest
I think it is a project worth to support as it is intended to make your life as a trader easier, so I am giving my support to Chris.... Try it and send me your comments.

Remember that it is a Beta version, an MVP of something that could be very interesting :)


What is EyeVest?

Many individual equity investors have non-finance related professions. They don't have the time or the capacity to conduct the comprehensive analysis to make sound investment decisions.  

Meanwhile, financial professionals in the financial media and hedge fund industry more and more make their stock views public through Business TV, Social Media, and SEC Filings.  However, consistently following all of these sources is time consuming and even by doing so, it is difficult for investors to know whom they should trust. EyeVest solves this problem by aggregating content from these Financial Media sources and then qualifying the professionals based on their historical performance. Helping individual investors be informed when they make investment decisions.

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