Expected market moves for week beginning (30th May)

Monday (30th May)  - the given below is the expected market moves derived from the forecast algorithm.

it may or may not happen- still I am posting it here for those who wish to have the forecast before hand.I suggest traders to use it as an additional input for their trades if feel usable and those who want to reject can do so and give suggestions to improve it if they want to do so.

It is not trade recommentation and may be used to understand the collective behavior of the traders.

EURO is expected to open lower and swing till mid Japanese session and slide.GBP may hold high and try to create bullish feel during japanese session.

Towards close of Japanese session EURO may slide initially and GBP may follow.

After some dip during gap time before European session EURO may quickly rise and slide.That time GBP may slide without any pull back.Late European session may show quick rise and quick drop as reaction to some news or data.

During gap time GBP may slide and EURO may hold and swing,then from US session start a quick drop may be seen till late session.

I have not given any levels here and traders may use the live market quote page and track the type of market moves and understand whether they intend to drop or to rise EURO and GBP during the day.

any type of market analysis can go wrong and deviate from the actuals.So I request the traders to use the stop to limit the risk.

those who want to contribute their ideas are welcome.they can use any type of study and give their expectations.Those want to simply say the system does not work and the market may go opposite of the expectations can also give their calls and suggestions to me and other readers.

I have given the calls based on the GMT time as the market is 24 hrs .




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Comment by Vijay Raghavan on May 30, 2011 at 8:55am
Hi Santosh...

The intention here is to encourage keep the great empire going and not to let it get destroyed by the weak links
Comment by ATF on May 30, 2011 at 8:58am

Dear Doc

Is there any possibility for GBP to fall around 1.61 level today or maybe tomorrow european session

Kindly suggest.



Comment by Dr. Sivaraman on May 30, 2011 at 9:03am

Dear santhosh and others upset with me:

I never accused any one as weak minded.I only made at times general statement that the players are there to trap the weak minded traders.I am sure I have not made any remark about any one here pointing my finger .I am able to understand that you are upset with me hence each time you come with some which I have not done.Also you have mentioned about the levels.I have only indicated the possible levels when some one ask the questions.I am able to understand that you want to give all your feelings in the form of feedback.it is fine.so that it will help you to trade with relaxed mood.

Eventhough  I have not used any harsh word against any one,I am here with to take open applogy in case I have hurt the feeling of any one here.

Many may say ignore negative comments,but I am trying to read for the cause for such negative comments.I know market gives such feelings to traders from time to time.i am willing to absorb such emotional expressions provided it gives ventilation from such feelings of the traders.

I am one among the traders.I never say that i am an analyst.I only try to read the market and share with fellow traders here.

Please do not mistake me.



Comment by Nasimul Chowdhury on May 30, 2011 at 9:03am
Dear Doctor, pls dont listen to all the garbage being put here.  Some are even giving you advise. Because you gave your technical insights so easily, some idiots are taking it for granted.  Some are even commenting in dual logins so they can have a go at your forecast. They cant go at you because they are too inferior to you in technical points of view.  One or two good trades and they suddenly think they are better than you and start giving you advise. LET me say it LOUD enough - go start your own blog.  And lets see how good you are.  Market is pretty much doing all that you said.  Obviously it is a bank holiday in uk, so your forecast will probably be better tomr.  Have a good day and dont be down due to garbage postings and Sir, continue the good work.   
Comment by Dr. Sivaraman on May 30, 2011 at 9:07am

Dear ATF

We might see slow slide during European session and quick drop during US session- still EURO and GBP are making swings near initial lows set during Japanese session.So the intentional move is seen that normally continues for 2 sessuions and the early part of 3rd session of the day.

We may see some 100+ drops.



Comment by Santosh Tiwari on May 30, 2011 at 9:17am


you addressed me so I am responding to you  and hopefully this will be the close because I dont want to engage in this further. Empires are not brought down by weak links but when they stop listening to every side. Doc is doing a good job of listening and let him do that.



Appreciate your response , just a suggestion, Each negative comment may not be emotional response but may be pointing to something valuable. It may not be the best idea to treat every negative comment as emotional response to market movements. you have been getting my comments from quite some time and you are well aware what my stand has been.


for all the others calling every negative comment as garbage and people posting them as Idiots(and yes I mean you Nasimul) , if you want to say some thing say directly, don't allude to it. you dont need to bring abuses to the table (Idiots !!! , Garbage !!). There are plenty of words available in language to say what you want to say without falling to abusive terminology. 

Please don't make any assumptions unless you know who or what you are talking about . this is not a challenge on who know more about trading. I dont have any doubts about doc's knowledge . The whole discussion in about the communication and how it is presented .This is a blog and there are readers who are at liberty to comment on what they read . dont shut them up, last time I checked , Doc has never stopped anybody from making any comments . Dont take away his graciousness buy your comments.

Comment by Nasimul Chowdhury on May 30, 2011 at 9:29am
Oh, I am sorry, did I hurt your feelings?  Now you know how Doctor feels.  He is being attacked for something he hasnt done.  And yes you, show some respect to Doctor.  He is far better person you will ever be.  I will not bore you with Doctor's CV.  I feel that Doctor deserves lots more credit than what he is reciving right now.  He has been giving pretty much faultless forecast for pretty much the year. And he actually told us to take sell positions when it actually turned around at the top. Thats a big change for Doctor from previous years.   He didnt say that was the top but he told us that it will drop/slide.  I am not sure where all these negativity is coming from.  Some of the trolls are back from the last blog i guess 
Comment by Vijay Raghavan on May 30, 2011 at 9:36am

Dear Dr. Sivaraman,

I have watched those series of 10 webinars (the 10th anniversary series) and you have stated very clearly so many times that your intention is only to help the small traders and as seen here in this blog many small traders including me have benefited from your analysis.  Forex market is a beast and it will do what it wants to do and  no holy grail has ever been invented to tame it nor there ever will be a holy grail.  Traders have to swallow occasional losses and keep moving.  But your analysis definitely does give us an edge in the market and combined with caution and effective money management I am able to make the best out of it.  Please do not waste your time and energy and try to analyse what Nasimul has nicely described as "garbage".  Your time is more precious than that and should be used to analyse market and not "garbage"

Regards.. Vijay Raghavan

Comment by Arthur on May 30, 2011 at 10:00am
Doctors supporters,
If you are not atleast a year old blogger here then you will not understand why other bloggers, including myself are arguing against Dr.Even if you are a year old visitor here, can anyone of you, please, tell how he/she was able to earn profit using the forecast in last 2 weeks?
I really appreciate Dr and respect him.His market insight is unmatchabe however forecast go wrong quite often and he never informed that forcast has become invalid on certain day even if market violated it by 200/300 pips.In such a scenario if one is not following forecast then he is weak-minded and if one follows and incurs loss then he is accused of not using stoloss!
Forecast of past 2 weeks are sufficient to undestand what I am saying.
Comment by prince NG on May 30, 2011 at 10:07am
Dr,your forecast is one of the greatest things that has happened to me of recent.i accumulate more than 2000 pips weekly just being guided by your forecast.Thanks for being you.the EA of the market reading is ready but i am currently live testing it for the past three weeks;it is making average of 200 pips daily so far.i will send you a copy as soon as i am done with this test.it is amazing to see how the EA earn a lot from trading the both side of the market,thereby limiting the risk at every point in time.i am sure this EA will silence a lot of your critics(only those who don't understand your strategy criticize you).ones again,thanks for being you and do have a great day.Pls,do you see GU sliding below 1.6400 today before any drop?


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