Expected market moves for mid week -12-12-12

Dear All

On monday we saw dip in EURO and GBP as week beginning false move and then they gained levels.Tuesday they made the eitherway moves - dip during early part of the day and rised during European and US sessions as Intentional move.

Today wednesday - mid week - they are expected to make dip during early part of European session and then rise during late European and US sessions .

Today (12th Dec) I will be presenting " Tracking the forex market together " webinars  explaining how the market forecast,market reading and trading strategy could be used to make effective trading in the forex market at ease.

You can follow the links given below to register for the webinars and attend during the time specified to learn how easy could be trading with least stress and distractions.

To register for the webinar

Part I - 09:00-09:45 GMT



Part II -15:00-15:45 GMT



During part I of the webinar I will explain more about market reading and how effectively we can use hedging in the same pair to limit the risk and maximize the profit..Also take live positions and show the out come of the trades and explain the strategies used during Part II of the webinar.

During part II of the webinar I will explain  market reading technique and also how at ease we can track the market with a systematic approach.Trading strategies will also be explain when hedging facility is not available in the US platforms.

If you get any questions you are ask during the webinar times in the webex platform chat window and i will be willing to explain with more details.

Looking forward to interact with you all during the webinar times.



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