EUR did an upside move yesterday of about 130 pips with a small pullback. Unsuccessful break of 1.2800 suggests that maybe we shall have some delay to the downside, and now many and many investors are using current levels to buy for 1.3000 and above. Another interesting situation as we have everyday strikes across EU, decreasing production and increasing unemployment. The current upside is build again on hopes for decision on Greece's money transfer this month and agreement on the budget cuts plan, both of them now aren't reality. EUR is prepaired to break 1.2930 resistance and is on its way to 1.3000, then 1.3040-50 and then 1.3170 again. A weekly close above 1.3000 will be a sign for more upside. The only thing that can destroy this upside move is an ECB rate cut on Thursday, be careful. GOLD has made one quick attempt to go over 1790, next time it will make it.

For today :

LONG EUR above 1.2850, SL 1.2820 TP 1.3030-50 1.3120

add to LONG above 1.2940

LONG GOLD above 1768 SL 1762 TP 1795-1800 and above

If you make some good provit take it and run, pullbacks are possible. Good luck!

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