Do Not Miss It! MONTHLY WEBINAR - Thinking and trading like modern algos with Giuseppe Basile

MONTHLY WEBINAR - Part I: Thinking and trading like modern algos with Giuseppe Basile, CMT
When: Thu, Jun 19 2014 13:00 GMT
 1 h, 30 min
Moderator: Adinda Firdaus
Participants: 82 pre-registered participants
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In the first part of our Monthly webinar, we will look at how forex market price moves and compare to how the average trader thinks the market moves. We will then turn focus on Program Trading, amajor class of algos that strongly influences modern markets, and how we can model it. Finally we investigate the stages of a trader, what is trading all about and choosing consistency and risk acceptance.

You can watch the second part at 15.00 GMT (only for premium members).

Who is Giuseppe Basile?

 Follow Founder, Trader, Technical Analyst and Mentor FibStalker Trading

Swing Trader, Mentor, Technical Analyst and active market researcher and IFTA associate, in the markets since 2001. Publisher of specializing in forex, futures and stocks trading and mentoring. Trading edge: spotting Program Trading footprints on price.

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