Deutsche Bank Forex Trading Recommendations

Theme #1: Euro Pah! – Sell EUR trade-weighted, sell EUR/USD
Theme #2: Another Ten for Dollar Yen – Buy USD/JPY
Theme #3: Stirling Stayed , Swiss Squished – Buy GBP/CHF
Theme #4: Rampant Mountie Seeks Milky Bounty – Sell NZD/CAD
Theme #5: Dingo no Drongo – Buy AUD vs EUR and JPY
Theme #6: Helga so Hot – Buy NOK and SEK vs EUR
Theme #7: Canton Talks, Gangnam Walks – Buy CNH/KRW
Theme #8: Join Rupee Groupies now Sing Out of Time – Sell SGD/INR
Theme #9: Trade Slavic Cold for Latin Gold – Buy MXN & BRL vs CZK & HUF
Theme #10: Stand Up Dollar Shekel Buy USD/ILS, TRY/ZAR and PLN/HUF
Theme #11: Russia Bores, Canada Snores – Use dual digitals to sell EUR/USD and USD/CAD correlation; sell EUR/USD and USD/RUB correlation
Theme #12: Kiwi Grounds while Yen Astounds – Sell 3m NZD/USD vol swap; buy 3m CAD/JPY and USD/JPY vol
Theme #13: These Inhale from Nose to Tail – Buy a basket of MXN, COP, PLN, INR, sell against TWD, ILS, ZAR, CLP

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