EURUSD:should start from 3460 / or 3450 to 3511 area at all eurusd can be start upside of course all fundamental news is poor for eur and we need a little more time for upside energy comes\

USDCHF:i can see up trend still is strong but also should be start fall down but at 9040 / 9030 if continue to hold or 9020 up trend can be happen but at all should be fall and down correction will start to 8990 area

GBPUSD: should start to hold 7040 /7050 / 7055 for rising and gbpusd can be start to upside till around 7080 and 7100 area but if fall down under 7040 is very dangers for up side correction , now in 7070 i can se a little down correction but as i said hold at 7060/50/45 can be start rising to 7080 , 7100

AUDUSD: start to downside correction should be around 9380 / 70 and that is starting from 9420/30 and if try to break 9450 can be back to up side completely , after correction uptrend still intact

after i complete all my position i will post more currency analyze and try to start signal from best point ,

i have more draw down from yesterday but i know i can finish all my order with best point and profit.

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Comment by benyamin fard on July 23, 2014 at 3:24am

i will inform any change or new signal

Comment by benyamin fard on July 23, 2014 at 3:39am

nzdusd if broke 8660 can down side continue til 8650/45 but if hold and reject from here 8665/60 can be good upside correction , 8685/90 and nzd will have strong fundamental news interest rate tomorrow if interest rate forecast will be correct we can see good up ward rising so can be good situation tomorrow i will inform also

Comment by benyamin fard on July 23, 2014 at 6:41am

i will put more currency analyze in coming days , i will inform any change in my signal position , also i will inform about how much i made or loss , at all

Comment by benyamin fard on July 23, 2014 at 10:44am

i keep going all my position just i have one more buy gbpusd at 7035 tp 7080 sl under 7010 if hold and reject to down , my target at this time need to waiting for 1 till around 3 days to test and try to hit target, i hope i can close till Friday i will inform


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