Hello all,

I would like share what i'm thinking for eurusd trend.

All of us know that the trend is very bearish due many uncertainties on europe specially with Italian elections.

I would hope to buy the low pair and thus is better wait a bit to decline yet on this week. 

Let's record that euro is oversold and the next logical inclination is up. Thus, to buy on dips seems buy opportunity. We shall wait till political wave end over in order to enter a intraday trading. 

If Berlusconi wins we will have sure that eurusd will take sharp decline up to 1,3.

If he don't win, markets will enjoy in relief and take a moderate up inclination.


last day low: 1,31598

last day high: 1,32882

The points shown by Camarillia lines are:

R1: 1,3445
R2: 1,3393
R3: 1,3241

Pivot: 1,3262

S1: 1,3137
S2: 1,3085
S3: 1,3009

I am waiting the S1 reaches to buy on dips. It will happen?

Another interesting point to notice:

Reversal prediction low: 1,31054
Maximum oversold: 1,30090
Reversal prediction high: 1,33134
Maximum overbought: 1,33950

And the regression line could help to understand:


* NZD Reserve Bank of New Zealand 2-Year Inflation Expectation
* USD Consumer Confidence
* USD Fed's Bernanke Testifies at Senate Banking Committee
* GBP Gross Domestic Product
* USD Durable Goods Orders
* CHF Gross Domestic Product
* EUR German Unemployment Rate
* EUR Euro-Zone Consumer Price Index
* USD Gross Domestic Product Price Index
* CNY Manufacturing PMI
* USD U. of Michigan Confidence
* USD ISM Manufacturing


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Comment by Igor Titara on February 24, 2013 at 10:21pm

Just adding new chart.

Time to sell for a while?

Hey Lisa, thanks for press Like bottom :) good to know that there is active members on this network.

Comment by Igor Titara on February 24, 2013 at 10:25pm

Observation..: sorry,impossible to read the letters... I mean possible target selling is 1,3144

and possible target buying is 1,3144 to 1,33. Only this. Suggestions are welcome.


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