EURO and GBP are making narrow range swings around the psychological levels 1.45 and 1.64 area repectively.AUD made the quick rise and holding near high.The initial highs and lows are intact sofor since their formation by 03;30 GMt excepting USD/CHF - it has breached the initial low 0.8007 to 0.7999, USD/CAD from 0.9431 to 0.9430 and USD/YEN from 77.84 to 77.68.Extrme multi year lows are formed there similar to multi year high in AUD.

When multi year moves are made near month end there might be sudden reversal moves may happen also.So trade using hedging or stop to limit the risk.Try to do only small swing trades during month end and new month beginning time.

the forecast model expects  volatile move and slide during Japanese session,swing and drop during european session and drop and rise during US session.But during month end time the market has shown may times moves against the forecast when the moves are in line with the forecast you may use it or else follow the market using other means to take decisions.



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Comment by Dr. Sivaraman on July 27, 2011 at 2:16pm

dear saajith

there is potency for some more drop in GBP as it has not come up to high or low in first 30 min from US session start.,but euro cut the earlier session low.Regardsing GBP/YEN,there might be slow recovery in usd/yen and GBP may slide after some more slide in EURO,now EURO/GBP is being handled.You may take a chance to close with some profit if not taken too many positions.



Comment by Joao Pedro Cameira Gomes on July 27, 2011 at 2:32pm

Dear Dr. Sivaraman:


   I respectfully refer to you answer to Manan shah, specifically about some traders getting angry and further controversy beyond control.


   Please excuse my bold suggestion, which is basically to IGNORE such ridiculous pathetic remars and pseudo-criticisms, made by frustrated and perhaps even mentally ill individuals.


    For me, and I am sure for hundreds more of small traders, your comments are of paramount importance.


  If the forecast does not work sometimes, or if the logarithm may not also sometimes apply, for so many different reasons, this is to be expected. Otherwise, 100% acuracy would be reached, and this is not possible.


   What you are doing, sharing your thoughts and technical know-how is indeed a noble and selfishless chore, and many small traders have taken good profits from your advice.


If I had subscribed to your blog in september of 2008, I am sure I would not have lost more than 100,000 Euros, as I mentioned previously.


But at that time I had the type of "arrogance" that can only come from lack of knowledge. Since then and following your kind and wise advice, I have become much less arrogant...


Again please ignore such individuals. They will go away, sooner or later.


Warm regards




So, please share your thoughts W/ us, and  


Comment by Dr. Sivaraman on July 27, 2011 at 2:53pm

dear pedro

thanks for sharing your experience.some how i feel every trader is important to me - where ever possible I try to explain in my own way to keep them calm to a great extent.So that they can do their market analysis calmly.Emotion is the first enemy within our self for traders.



Comment by Bassam A. Muhammad on July 27, 2011 at 2:55pm

Hello Pedro,

Did doctor forcast the huge slide in 2008 before it happens in eurusd ? we need to know the story please if you can


Comment by Joao Pedro Cameira Gomes on July 27, 2011 at 3:13pm

Hello Bassam

  I dont know, since I was not following Dr. Sivaraman´s at that time. I lost an enormous amount of money in 2008 (and 9) by playing mainly USD/ NOK and EUR/NOK. I export fish from Norway, sell in EUROS and buy in NOK, so FOREX is very important. and I THOUGHT I knew it all...IF I had put stop limits on my losses and on my profits for example, I would be much better off. One time I was up EUR 25,000 against the NOK, and arrogantly enough, I THOUGHT it would go higher, and did not even bother to put a profit limit...And many other BASIC mistakes.


What I DO KNOW is that thanks to Dr Sivaraman´s constant/permanent advice and explanantions, I have started since 2010 to actually recuperate some of my lost monies.

I do pay a "Guru" to help me (Max Mckegg) and he is quite wrong sometimes...But as he states, "it´s not the battle you loose, but the war you win", and at the end of many years already Max has always turned a "STRONG" profit. But his forecast for today called for EUR/USD "to extdn to 1,4575..." So far, he is DEAD WRONG. And I am long from 1,4432...


Dr. Sivaraman´s advice matches Max´s many times...The combination of both, especially when they "agree" has been of paramount importance for my performance in Forex.





Comment by Adinda on July 27, 2011 at 5:49pm

Hi Joao,

Some people will feel angry and frustrated when they lose their investment, and even more when they just follow an advice from others about the market without analyzing it first. But that does not mean you can call them like what you have mentioned above, this is will only lead to "some traders getting more angry and further controversy getting more out of control", where it is certainly not the expectation that we all want? So please keep your emotions as well.

Comment by Joao Pedro Cameira Gomes on July 28, 2011 at 12:19pm

Dear Adinda:


   Thank you for your comments.I will be careful. I just do not wish to loose Dr.Sivaraman´s precious input, like hundreds of others, due to the "frustrations and anger" of others, when things dont go their way. I am hoping that Dr. Sivaraman "does not loose his patience" and closes the blog altogether.

Best regards




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