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NEW: Singapore & Mumbai meetups in September

We are happy to announce the addition of two new cities to the meetups project: Singapore & Mumbai. And we are not alone, we start this project with the support of our sponsors IG in Singapore and Tradenext in Mumbai. Welcome on board!

FXStreet community is growing fast, as in September we will have 10 meetups around the world.

We are proud…


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Join FXStreet August Meetups in Istanbul & Sydney!

In August we keep on doing our monthly meetups in Istanbul and Sydney, a wonderful opportunity to meet other traders and learn more about forex.

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Steve Ruffley live on FXStreet Monthly Webinar

Steve Ruffley, will be live today on our special Monthly Webinar divided in two parts. It will be a live webinar divided in two parts, the former free of charge, entitled ‘Steve Ruffley’s ultimate trading strategies’ (14:00 GMT) and the latter Premium, ’1-1 style coaching’ (16:00 GMT). 

Steve will be giving away…


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FXBeat: 'EUR/USD rebound contained by 1.3520 so far'

by Jamie Coleman See more at FXBeat 

As noted earlier, the 1.3510/20 area was quite sticky on the way down and it is likely to be on the way back up as well. 

Given the heavy protection of 1.3500 before that level gave way, I'd expect rebounds to be fairly shallow, if they develop. the 1.3580 area…


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FXBeat: 'Has BOJ QE worked?'

by Jamie Coleman. Learn more at FXBeat

In a word, yes.

Look at the size of the BOJ's assets (yellow line) and Japanese CPI (white line).

Pretty clearly, QE has helped drag CPI materially above zero...

Are their unintended consequences from polices like QE? Yes, but history has shown…


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FXBeat: 'Support scattered close-by in EUR/USD'

by Jamie Coleman  Learn more at FXBeat

EUR/USD has fallen into a consolidation as support at 1.3600 holds fast. More support comes in near 1.3590 and 1.3578, the 61.8% retracement of the 1.35/1.37 rally. 

For now, we're still just thrashing about within this well-worn range. That could change if the…


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FXBeat: 'EUR/USD approaching offers in 1.3630/40 zone'

by Jamie Coleman Learn more at FXBeat. 

We got up there earlier in the day after ECB's Coeure said the euro isn't too strong. 

Stops are seen above the 1.3640 level but offers return ahead of 1.3650, traders say.

Cable is leading the charge higher on hints that there may be less spare capacity in the UK economy than thought from incoming BOE member…


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FXBeat: 'US yields extend slide'

by Jamie Coleman See more at FXBeat

USD/JPY remains heavily on the defensive this morning, falling through 101.68/70 where there were heavy bids on the interbank platforms until a short while ago. Sliding US yields are helping undermine the Greenback. From near 2.70% on Thursday after the US employment…


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FXBeat: 'USD/JJPY reverses latest reversal'

by Jamie Coleman See more at FXBeat.

Rent, don't own. That's the only way to play USD/JPY these days. Taking a long-term view seems foolish in the present environment. The outlook for USD/JPY changes like New England weather. Hurricane one day, beautiful the next. 

After bottoming last week in the 101.20s, USD/JPY looked…


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FXBeat: 'EUR/USD working through small bids at 1.3640/45'

by Jamie Coleman. See more at FXBeat

Modest support is in the low 1.3640s. If that gives way, 1.3624 is the 38.2% retracement of the 1.35/1.37 rally. 

Offers are seen on rallies now to 1.3660. …


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FXBeat: 'The central banks have spoken'

by Jamie Coleman

So what are we to take away from all the central bank chatter.

Three things. 

First, the BOE will be the first to hike, but they are in no rush and will be slow and steady when the time comes.

Second, Yellen remains dovish as can be. Despite recent upticks in US inflation data she expressed not one iota of concern and seemed quite…


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FXBeat: 'Slack is in the eye of the beholder'

by Jamie Coleman 

Mark Carney has been BOE governor for just about a year. In that time he has cast about for the perfect policy, trying one on for size, discarding it and trying on another. These days he has hitched the BOE's wagon to the idea that rates should rise as slack in the UK economy is taken up.

That's logical, but how do you define slack? That's the tricky…


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FXBeat: 'EUR/USD endging firmer; offers 1.3680/85'

by Jamie Coleman

Pretty solid demand for EUR/USD today. Feels as though shorts are getting a bit frustrated at the lack of downside momentum. US data has been decent this morning but the buck has not benefited, a sign that positioning may be a bit stretched near-term.

As the old saying goes, what can't go down, sometimes goes up...

EUR/USD nears to clear the…


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FXBeat: 'USD/JPY moved!'

by Gerry Davies 

In fact it's up at 102.10 from the 101.97 which greeted me first thing in Europe.

Last time I looked the 10 year US treasury yield was up at 2.63% from the 2.60% which I saw first thing, so that explains that.

Earlier we had reports of sell orders clustered 102.15/25 (not surprising as this area holds 55 dma at 102.22 and 100 dma at…


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FXBeat: 'Belgian central bank: Pockets of risk in mortgage market'

by Jamie Coleman

Belgium was high on the list of the IMF's most over-valued real estate markets.
Like for some macroprudential action like tightening lending standards? They ain't hiking rates in the next few years. That seems certain.

See more in FXBeat Service. 

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FXBeat: 'European yields edging higher; spread with US narrows'

The US's yield advantage over Germany has narrowed to 122 bp this morning from nearly 130 bp on Monday. This is a moderately supportive factor for EUR/USD in the very near-term. Italian and Spanish yields are firmer again today by 3.5-4.0 bp while…

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FXBeat: 'US wholesale inventories rise 1.1% in April, more than expected'

That adds to the GDP calculation but it robs growth from future quarters as eventually those inventories have to be sold...

  • Wholesale…

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FXBeat: '1.3670 resistance overcome; more at 1.3690'

We've broken yesterday afternoon's high near 1.3670 on the Weidmann remarks cooling speculation of another round of ECB measures. 

1.3690 is next resistance, the 38.2% retracement of the 1.3996/1.3503 decline. Above that level comes the 100-day moving average at 1.3738 and a series of tops near that level. 1.3740/50 is my near-term target for this bounce. …


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EURJPY : Dark Cloud Cover

EURJPY is currently under the influence of a Dark Cloud Cover, as detected by the Candlestick Watch. It is serving as an early alert in the formation of a potential double top on the weekly charts.

Import these combination of studies to your personalized  My Studies area by clicking below:…


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