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EUR/USD & GOLD forecast 28.10.2011

After the yeterday's action day EUR came back to 1.4170 which was my target. EUR has reached 1.4246  and was rejected from 61.8% fibo level. Now my daily chart has two major horizontal lines one through 1.4170, and the other through 1.4125. Somewhere around the last we are going to find good support and to continue the upside again. @ 1.4060 we have also good support, and below it we are going to 1.40 again. I'll watch to enter LONG around 1.4110-30 for TP 1.4240.

These days there…


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EUR/USD & GOLD update 27.10.2011

EUR has broken 1.3960 resistance after falling to 1.38 to gain momentum and now is attacking  1.4040 as I've mentioned that resistance level in Monday. So what next. If we close aove 1.3960 or 1.4000 we shall go and test 1.4130 and 1.4170, where all that show should end at last.  First of all, watch for 1.4040, enter SHORT there with 50-60 pips stop.

We need a daily close above 1740 on GOLD to continue the upside, on break over 1740 next will be 1760-80 zone.…


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EUR/USD & GOLD forecast 25.10.2011

EUR firmed its positions against the dollar yesterday, because of the fresh money transfer to Greece, and hopes for the better things to happen on Wednesday. My forecast was complete as the pair touched 1.3955 and it was a good price to enter SHORT. At 1.3965 we have the 100% fibo retracement from 1.47 and also the diagonal downside trend line from 1.6000, it's a major trend resistance line. Weekly MA14 passes through 1.3955 (where we have stopped) and positive weekly Ichimoku border is @…


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EUR/USD & GOLD forecast 24.10.2011

Still it's not clear the percentage of the Greece's deficit to be removed from the assets of the EU banks (most of them French), banks have demanded not much as 40%, but the EU leaders wanted over 50%. At the same time Frence is facing a raiting decrease threat. Another 8 bln EUR for Greece,and Greek government may breathe again, when they finish the money again, stupid EU leaders will give more, who cares. I wonder for how much time Merkel and Sarkozy are going to continue that…


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EUR/USD & GOLD forecast 21.10.2011

Flat consolidation still continues, and an inverted H&S model can be seen but form my experience i can say that this model won't come a reality. Negative Ichimoku will soon press the prices down to 1.3400. And now double joy for mr.Sarkozy - first his newborn daughter, and second - the Gadaffi's death - so now he has a child and enough cheap oil for his country and his beautiful wife too - what else he need's - maybe the french frank to be the first currency in the world,…


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EUR/USD & GOLD update 20.10.2011

EUR has been floating in a flat consolidation with approximately 250 pips range. This all happens at the backgroung of Greece street protests and recent Spain's raiting decrease. France is also warned for possible rating decrease. And overseas dollar got some fundamental support yesterday. Today watch for the important vote in Greek parliament - and remember that the country is at the edge of civil war. Despite all that has been done for them, they seem doesn't understand what the situation…


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EUR/USD & GOLD forecast 18.10.2011

Seems that Greece won't pay back half of the money they've been given, nice for them and bad for the creditors. EU is trying to make the investors a little bit more optimistic about the current situation, but I wonder what will happen if another country like Spain or Italy asks for EU help, interesting isn't it??? BoE needs to make a rate cut to support the economy recovery, this is expected to happen soon, but exactly when only BoE knows. Overseas economy data becomes optimistic with every…


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EUR/USD & GOLD forecast 17.10.2011

EUR has reached my target @ 1.3880 and is now consolidating around. Further moves will be determined within monday and tuesday. Watch the news today and tomorrow. We have almost touched the negative Ichimoku border, but we still have chances to go to 100% fibo level @ 1.3960, of course psychological 1.4000 is an important level, but any attempt to go there or to break it will be in vain. According to my model another downside movement will follow at least to 1.3560 and then to 1.3410, if…


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EUR/USD & GOLD forecast 14.10.2011

EUR cautiously consolidates below the resistance zone 1.3800-30 which for now holds further gains. Some 150 pips above it we have even stronger resistance zone, which i think will hold and reverse the EUR movement. Let's take a look at the charts now -  on Monthly we are below a positive Ichimoku cloud, the break of which at the beginning of this year couldn't last more than 5 months, and last month we have a strong bearish candle which supposes further EUR losses in the coming months. On…


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EUR/USD & GOLD forecast 13.10.2011

EUR upside movement continued yesterday and as expected it has reached my first target @ 1.38 and even further more @ 1.3831 where it stopped. From there a small pullback is in place. We have a resistance line through 1.38 and it holds for now if breached we shall stop @ 1.3830 (yesterday's top) and if passed we are going to 1.3880. If we are able to break it - be carefull EUR may go to 1.3940-60 where a strong resistance is placed, whatch for reversal there and below 1.3880 enter SHORT for…


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EUR/USD & GOLD forecast 12.10.2011

EUR is now in a consolidation phase after the recent quick rise. It is expected to gain some 150 pips to 1.3780-1.3800 as first target and 1.3880 as second target. Then a downmove will follow at least to 1.3560, because we are facing a negative Ichimoku border nearly 1.39 and it will push the EUR down again. We have strong and well protected resistance @ 1.3960, breaking it i think is impossible in the current situation.

Forecast on GOLD is the same, it moves in a narrow range, enter…


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EUR/USD & GOLD forecast 11.10.2011

A significant EUR gain took the EUR/USD pair to nearly 1.37, breaking fast 161.8% retracement and closing well above it. Nice but it won't last for more. On the upside we have a resistance placed @ 1.3780-1.3800. If passed we may go some 100 pips above where a reverse is quite possible. Going above 1.3860 again will take time and it's possible but after 30 days or more. My conclusion is based on daily Ichimoku chart. On the downside we have 1.3360-70 Ichimoku cloud border. Remember that…


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EUR/USD & GOLD forecast 10.10.2011

Markets are more optimistic at the beginning of this week and this influenced the oil price. EUR also boosted after new Merkel-Sarkozy plan to avoid the debt crisis in the EU and also the Dexia bank rescue. So again all are waiting for the decisions on 17th this month and until then we are going to try to build a solid suppost zone around 1.33-1.34 and to prepare to bounce up. This week we are going to test 1.3730 and then 1.3770 if we succeed to close today above 1.3540 which is the 161.8%…


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EUR/USD & GOLD forecast 07.10.2011

My forecast for today: watch for a break above 1.3445 if succeeded we may go up to 1.3545 where is the 161.8% and it should bounce there for today, downside scenario - only if we have a break of 1.3350 we may go to 1.3250 and then 1.3140. On GOLD enter SHORT @ 1710 and LONG @1610 these are the top and the bottom for today's trade, it's too risky to enter in between, but the choice is yours.

You may enter SHORT @ 1.3530 on EUR/USD.

I won't make fundamental analysis today as all…


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EUR/USD & GOLD forecast 05.10.2011

We are in continuous downmove which has started last month. September ended with no pullback of the major downside move which moved through 100%, 161.8% retracements from 1.4680 like an express train at full speed. Last month's big downside candle supposes continuing movement to 1.30 and even below. We have entered deeply into the positive Icimoku, hitting the 1.3180, which is the downside border of that positive Ichimocu. My expectation for the next 10 days is to go to 1.3410 before next…


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