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EUR/USD Daily Outlook 28 July 2011

Hello everyone..

Yesterday I heard some rumors that the EURO would fall 500 - 700 pips the next 48/72 hours , the reason is Greece ?!!

It looks like the rise that happened last week was fake , words mean nothing , things start getting out to the surface , the…


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EUR/USD Outlook (25July - 29July 2011)

The EUR/USD continued its bullish momentum as expected in the last report last week , the assumed target for the bullish breakout that happened last week is somewhere around 1.4700 , but the problem is that we have strong resistance on daily around 1.4440 which is serving now as strong resistance , I guess the the pair will keep ranging between 1.4280/400 for couple…


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EUR/USD - Big Triangle - 19 July 2011

As shown on the 1 hour chart above , we have big triangle , the pair will break soon the next 24/48 hours ??!!

MACD above the zero line , RSI bullish breakout , B.Bands is pointing for up ?!! this is not necessary but the pair may break for up ?!!


Best Regards


Tuesday 19 July 2011 08:55…


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EUR/USD Outlook (18July - 22July 2011)

The EUR/USD opened on a bearish gap and declined strongly this morning ?!!

At this moment the pair is trading around EMA 50 on daily chart around 1.4040 , it may fluctuate around this level before the next destination ?!!

anyway !! It's obvious from the daily chart above that we still under negative pressure , as I said last week in my previous posts , CCI…


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EUR/USD Daily Outlook 15 July 2011

Good morning everyone ?!!

The pair pulled-back as expected -  in yesterday's report -  from 1.4120  towards 1.4200 level around EMA50 on 4 hour ?!

Anyway, today we have a different scenario , check the daily chart posted above , the pair closed yesterday out side…


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EUR/USD Daily Outlook 14 July 2011

As I said in yesterday's report , we are so close from the support of the uptrend channel on weekly and monthly , you can check the point C on the chart posted above , also Stochastic has formed a bullish divergence , add to that slow stochastic moved out of the over sold area , so far RSI(14) remains above the 30 line showing some bullish momentum , but also we have…


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EUR/USD Daily Outlook 13 July 2011

If we check the weekly chart posted above , we are under negative pressure , but we are also so close from the support of the uptrend channel , RSI on the weekly chart confined the bullish breakout at 1.4940 , it suggested a test to the area 1.4020 , strong support , EMA 50 currently 1.3906 , and maybe further towards 1.4750....BUT

Keep in mind that we need to…


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EUR/USD Outlook (11July - 15July 2011)

Despite of the positive fundamentals from Germany last Wednesday which showed an increase in the factory orders, which was better than expectations, the EUR/USD depreciated strongly since there were fears that Greece is just postponing its bankruptcy but not getting rid of it.

And what make things getting worse! When Moody’s downgraded the credit rating for…


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EUR/USD Daily Outlook 08 July 2011

The EUR/USD declined strongly yesterday and breached below the support level 1.4285 and tested 1.4220 yesterday , RSI on 4 hour suggests a big consolidation before going down again , the support level 1.4220 - yesterday's low - should be taken out , otherwise , if the market fails at 1.4220 , then buyers will try to put a bottom and the pair may make strong move at the opposite… Continue

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EUR/USD Daily Outlook 07 July 2011

The EUR/USD went down strongly yesterday and breached below the major support level 1.4400 towards 1.4285 ?!!

will the pair continue falling or strong pullback on the horizon ?!!

let's take a quick look to the daily chart ?!!

Yesterday , the pair closed below EMA 50 , its low 1.4285 , what is this supposed to mean ?!

It means we have these…


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EUR/USD Daily Outlook 06 July 2011

The EUR/USD declined as suggested in yesterday's report not only towards 1.4440 level , but also broke below this level and stopped around EMA200 on my 60 min chart and around EMA 50 on my 240 min chart , wait a minute , let's explore the picture a little bit !!!

The bullish breakout on daily was confirmed by CCI at 1.4551 , so the pair should test 1.4440 / 1.4327 or…


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EUR/USD Daily Outlook 05 July 2011

The EUR/USD declined this morning towards the support level 1.4440 affected by the negativity of momentum indicators on 1 hour chart , MACD ; bearish divergence , RSI broke below the trend line and below the 50 line , CCI breached 2 times below -100 while was unable to breach above the +100 , the meaning :

This could be one of the 2 options:

1- This is…


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"Greece" And Get Out of the bottleneck !!

Hello everyone !!

I don't know where or how to start but If you live in EURO countries you may think the problem in Greece is OVER !!

The real truth is that the European Union is facing one of the hardest challenges at all , and what will happen tomorrow , only god knows ?!!

By taking a quick look to Greece , it looks like Lebanon…


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EUR/USD Outlook (04Jul - 08Jul 2011)

The EUR/USD broke above the symmetrical triangle as shown on the 4 hour chart posted above , and added a strong bullish momentum to the pair in nearest term testing the area around 1.4700/50 , ,If the market rallies above 1.4750, a rally to 1.4939 is suggested, if this resistance - 1.4939 - is taken out, it will indicate that the uptrend from 1.2874 (10 Jan 2011), has…


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EUR/USD Daily Outlook 01 July 2011

The EUR/USD trapped between 1.4450 and 1.4540 level yesterday , now it's around 1.4540 !!!

By checking the daily chart we are at the sloping resistance line of the symmetrical triangle , which is supposed to add strong bearish momentum to the pair , shift down to the hourly chart , bulls isn't running out of gas ....there's no gas at…


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