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Price Action Setups – AUDUSD, EURAUD and GBPJPY

The AUDUSD finished the day lower, forming a bearish pin bar on the daily chart. The next level of possible support looks to come in around the .922 level. This level is represented by the lows from late March / early April. Below this level, the .913 may prove as support. The pair is still looking fairly constructive in the short to mid term, however we are still making lower highs and lower lows in the longer-term.

audusd daily price action chart

The EURAUD finished today with a…


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Contracting Triangles as a Reversal Patterns

The condition for a contracting triangle to be considered a reversal pattern is that price should exit in the opposite direction than the one it entered. Whenever such thing is happening, that contracting triangle is supposedly being part of a complex form of correction and such a correction might be a double or a triple combination, double three running, etc. Sometimes, under the Elliott waves theory, contracting triangles are forming the end of an x wave and absolutely one hundred percent…


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Algorithmic Forex Trading

I recently came across the idea of algorithmic trading.

To put it in Wikipedia's terms:

"Algorithmic trading, also called automated tradingblack-box trading, or algo trading, is the use of…


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Live Intraday Price Action Trading | Nov. 23rd

Hello Traders,

I wanted to post a few trades I took recently on AUDUSD and Silver.  You can see the entry and exit points for each trade which I did just using price action strategies.

Here they are below;



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Weekly Price Action Highlights | Nov. 18th - 23rd


Attempting to bottom and make some headway to the upside, the EURUSD failed to clear the 1.2800 role reversal level which was the Oct. swing lows. For now, the pair is stuck between 1.2800 weekly highs and 1.2659 lows which was the pin bar rejection on Tuesday.  So bears can look to sell any weak rallies up to 1.2800 while bulls can…


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GBPUSD Piercing Pattern + Pin Bar Combo | Nov. 15th


Similar to how the Euro I discussed on Tuesday reversed with an engulfing bar + pin bar combo, the Cable is possibly attempting to bottom after losing ground for six days in a row. After forming a final flag pattern to end yesterday and start today, the pair rallied off of 1.5825 with a strong bullish piercing bar,…


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EUR/USD Technical Analysis Review, 15th of November

EUR/USD Trading Signals | Euro US Dollar Chart Analysis 

The EUR/USD started to move upward today, after yesterday's news shakeout at 7 p.m. GMT, which cleared the stops above the low of Sept. 10th at 1.2755 and then reversed to clear the stops below 1.2724. 

Today's upward momentum might…

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Price Action | Euro Pin Bar off Resistance | Nov. 14th


As I had discussed in yesterday's market commentary, the pin bar and engulfing bar combo highlighted did produce higher prices for the Euro, and went to the first resistance level I mentioned yesterday (around the 1.2763 area). Some of the course members got in on this trade and profited nicely from it…


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EUR/USD Technical Analysis Review, 13th of November

EUR/USD Trading Strategies | Euro US Dollar Chart Signals…

Technical Chart Analysis EUR/USD

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EUR/USD Technical Chart Update, 12th of November

EUR/USD Market Analysis | Euro US Dollar Chart Review

The EUR/USD had a quite session today and so far the Euro traded in the hourly consolidation range around the low of November 8th.

The European session started with a shakeout/ stop fishing at 6 a.m. GMT. This false breakout led to a reversal of the EUR/USD. Market moved down to the 1.27 level and in the following market price action was capped in the…


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EUR/USD Technical Chart Update, 9th of November

EUR/USD Market Update | Euro US Dollar Technical Chart Analysis


Head and Shoulders pattern | Breakout Trading | Continuation chart patterns | Fibonacci levels



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EURUSD Market Recap 2012-11-08

EUR/USD Market Recap| Euro US Dollar Technical Chart Analysis 

The Euro reversed down yesterday starting from the daily 10 SMA and closed at the important daily support level from September 10th. The closing of a bearish candle at support increases the chance of a true or false…

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EUR/USD Technical Chart Analysis/Update | Euro US Dollar Trading

EUR/USD Market Update | Euro US Dollar Technical Chart Analysis

Breakout Timing | Fibonacci Extension level | Gartley pattern | Moving Average | Support Resistance

The Euro found support at the 100 % Fibonacci Extension Cluster yesterday and moved up to the daily 10 SMA. From there, market moved lower with strong bearish momentum and created a new daily low.

On the 4 hour chart the EUR/USD…


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EURUSD Chart Analysis - Gartley pattern-Support zone held

EUR/USD Chart Analysis Update


The Gartley Chart pattern

played out well. The EUR/USD found support at the Fibonacci Support zone, which consists of the two 100 % Fibonacci Extension levels. Furthermore, this support zone coincided with Yesterdays Daily S1 and the consolidation price zone of the prior consolidation pattern on the left side of the Euro US Dollar Chart.…


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Silver Forms ii Pattern, More Downside? | Oct. 30th


Liquidity and volumes were definitely lower today with most pairs and instruments playing in a tight range today.  In the process, Silver has formed back to back inside bars, or an ii pattern, and this will not go on for much longer.

Although the precious metal is trying to form a base, it has yet to show any bullish legs,…


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Silver Breaks Above Dynamic Resistance | Oct. 25th


As I had noted two days ago, Silver was showing reducing price action spreads which communicated it was likely bottoming out around $31.50.  That is exactly how it played out, and has now broken above the dynamic resistance for the last 12hrs.  If the $32 figure and dynamic support can hold, an attack…


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Reducing Price Spreads on Silver - Bottoming Out? Oct. 23rd


Failing at the critical $35 figure, Silver has been getting pummeled, dropping $3.50 in the last 2.5 weeks.  What I am noticing is how the price spreads have been getting smaller on each leg down (especially the last one), suggesting we could be seeing a bottom soon.

If price can get above $32.00 and break above the dynamic resistance and 20ema, then I suspect perhaps the precious metal will put in a HL…


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Weekly Price Action & Ichimoku Highlights | Oct. 7th-12th


The Kumo Break discussed last week has found its way lower as expected, even coming back towards the flat bottom and rejecting off of it twice.  The pair also formed a tenkan-sen kijun-sen cross downward (medium), so the downside move could start to gain traction if it can clear the main lows at 1.0151.  Being that the pair is likely in a …


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Weekly Forex Price Action Outlook June 3rd - 8th


The Euro shed about 300pips last week ending by forming a bullish engulfing bar off the 1.2300 figure.  Although it has done this earlier during this one month sell-off and downtrend, we feel its possible this one has a little more chap in it being the record IMM shorts we have been talking about on this blog.…


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Forex Price Action Setups (Spain, Greece & the Horror with No End) May 28th

Spain, Greece and the Horror with No End...For Now

Although markets were calm today from the US Memorial Holiday, Spain today asked the EU to act in providing support for fiscally frail gov'ts (read 'Spain is begging for help') as its fiscal gaps and banking system (but, but...Bankia is fully solvent you said) are getting pummeled with soaring yields which are punishing the rates on bonds.  Again, Spain is 4x larger than Greece so if Spain…


Added by 2ndSkiesForex on May 28, 2012 at 11:18pm — 4 Comments

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