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Reasons Why Pin Bar Setups Fail. Find Out How To Identify Profitable Pin Bar Formations

The pin bar candle  formation is a price action reversal pattern that shows that a certain level or price point in the market was rejected. once you get acquainted with the  skill of being able to correctly spot a profitable pin bar trade setup, you would be amazed just how profitable this setup can be. Lets first go over what a pin bar…


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Follow Regular Price action Trade Setup here

Hello my name is Henry Nnalue and I am the founder of Swanforex Group. a small blog where I post free trade setups to help traders trade the markets profitably. I recently found and I liked it. starting from today, I would post regular trade setups here at the close of the New york session every trading day. be sure to follow and benefit from this. Always read the comments to follow updates on the trades…


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Live Intraday Price Action Trading | Nov. 23rd

Hello Traders,

I wanted to post a few trades I took recently on AUDUSD and Silver.  You can see the entry and exit points for each trade which I did just using price action strategies.

Here they are below;



Added by 2ndSkiesForex on November 23, 2012 at 4:05pm — 3 Comments

Weekly Price Action Highlights | Nov. 18th - 23rd


Attempting to bottom and make some headway to the upside, the EURUSD failed to clear the 1.2800 role reversal level which was the Oct. swing lows. For now, the pair is stuck between 1.2800 weekly highs and 1.2659 lows which was the pin bar rejection on Tuesday.  So bears can look to sell any weak rallies up to 1.2800 while bulls can…


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GBPUSD Piercing Pattern + Pin Bar Combo | Nov. 15th


Similar to how the Euro I discussed on Tuesday reversed with an engulfing bar + pin bar combo, the Cable is possibly attempting to bottom after losing ground for six days in a row. After forming a final flag pattern to end yesterday and start today, the pair rallied off of 1.5825 with a strong bullish piercing bar,…


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Price Action | Euro Pin Bar off Resistance | Nov. 14th


As I had discussed in yesterday's market commentary, the pin bar and engulfing bar combo highlighted did produce higher prices for the Euro, and went to the first resistance level I mentioned yesterday (around the 1.2763 area). Some of the course members got in on this trade and profited nicely from it…


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Silver Forms ii Pattern, More Downside? | Oct. 30th


Liquidity and volumes were definitely lower today with most pairs and instruments playing in a tight range today.  In the process, Silver has formed back to back inside bars, or an ii pattern, and this will not go on for much longer.

Although the precious metal is trying to form a base, it has yet to show any bullish legs,…


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Silver Breaks Above Dynamic Resistance | Oct. 25th


As I had noted two days ago, Silver was showing reducing price action spreads which communicated it was likely bottoming out around $31.50.  That is exactly how it played out, and has now broken above the dynamic resistance for the last 12hrs.  If the $32 figure and dynamic support can hold, an attack…


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Reducing Price Spreads on Silver - Bottoming Out? Oct. 23rd


Failing at the critical $35 figure, Silver has been getting pummeled, dropping $3.50 in the last 2.5 weeks.  What I am noticing is how the price spreads have been getting smaller on each leg down (especially the last one), suggesting we could be seeing a bottom soon.

If price can get above $32.00 and break above the dynamic resistance and 20ema, then I suspect perhaps the precious metal will put in a HL…


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Gold Inside Bar Setup | Oct. 15th


Today, Gold has continued its sell-off, losing its luster as it shed over $15 breaking a key support level at $1739.  In the process, it hit an intraday low sub $1730.  Before the major sell-off today, it formed three inside bars, and then started the impulsive sell-off on the break of their lows.  It has since then formed another inside bar, so a pullback towards the…


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Price Action Setup - Dow Consolidates with Overlapping Bars | Sept. 24th

Dow Index

Since the market got the green light from Bernanke and the QEinfinity policy, the Dow Index cleared past the yearly highs and went on a 350pt run in a few days.  However, in the last six, the has consolidated forming a series of overlapping bars between the 13653 and 13495 levels.  

Although i'm not sure how much longer this range will hold since we have had three touches on each end, as long as the …


Added by 2ndSkiesForex on September 24, 2012 at 11:07pm — No Comments

Weekly Forex Price Action Outlook June 17th - 22nd

*NOTE: Although the Greek election has resulted in a Pro-Europe/Austerity party victory (and consequently EURUSD bullish), we remain being overly bullish for three reasons;

1) Spain is still a major thorn and may need more money

2) Italy is starting to heat up on the radar of countries needing assistance

3) The Greek PASOK party said they will not join a coalition govt unless Syriza does, and they said they would not.  This means…


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The Best Support and Resistance Levels Part 1

Today I am going to give a lesson on how to find some of the best support and resistance levels in the market.  If I had to say - I think there are three types which are the best support and resistance levels you could find.  But it would take a long time to go into each type, what are the characteristics of each, what they mean from an order flow perspective, and how to trade each type.

So I am going to cover in today's lesson, what are some of the most critical variables to…


Added by 2ndSkiesForex on June 13, 2012 at 11:34pm — 5 Comments

Forex Price Action Setups - Potential EURJPY Pin Bar Reversal - June 13th


The EURJPY formed a potential pin bar reversal setup two days back and has been struggling to make new gains into the upper regions of the rejection failing twice to breach the dynamic resistance and 20ema along with the key role-reversal level at 100.50.  Although overall short term momentum is up with the pair…


Added by 2ndSkiesForex on June 13, 2012 at 9:52pm — 1 Comment

Forex Price Action Setups - EUR/GBP Pin Bar off Dynamic Support - June 5th

***I am doing a Free webinar on The Trading Mindset this Thurs. at 14.00GMT so make sure to come.



After taking a drubbing for the first half of May, the EUR/GBP has been displaying price action characteristics of a bottoming as of late.  First on the docket, it formed a HL (higher…


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Forex Price Action Setups - Gold Forms ii Pattern. More Upside? June 5th

**I am doing a Free webinar on The Trading Mindset this Thurs. at 14.00GMT so make sure to come.



After rocketing up $72 from the dismal NFP number, gold has trotted in place for the last two days forming an ii pattern (or a double inside bar pattern).  Although we are…


Added by 2ndSkiesForex on June 5, 2012 at 10:45pm — 1 Comment

Forex Price Action Setups - AUDUSD Pin Bar Pops Higher - June 4th


The AUDUSD pin bar setup that we mentioned yesterday in our weekly forex commentary gave a nice pullback entry and has popped higher.  Depending upon your entry, a minimum…


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Forex Price Action Setups - EUR/JPY Prints 12 Year Lows - May 31st

EUR/JPY Prints 12 Year Lows...More Downside?

Selling off for 8 days in a row, the EURJPY has been getting pummeled by the Greek tragedy and the Pain in Spain, which now (the latter) seems to be taking center stage.  We checked the data and 8 days is the max. consecutive selling days this pair has printed over the last 12 years.  It has only done this (8 days of consecutive selling) 2x in history, today completing the 2nd…


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Forex Price Action Setups - USD/CHF Head Fake Above .9600? May 29th

USD/CHF - Head Fake Above .9600?

The Swissie today formed its first daily close above the .9600 level which is the first time in over 14 months it has done this.  The question is, is this a false break or head fake?  Although it closed above the key level by 3pips, it has formed a rejection of the lows and the highs forming a trading range.  As you can see from the chart below, price has thus opened inside the wick or rejection area of the prior…


Added by 2ndSkiesForex on May 29, 2012 at 11:02pm — 1 Comment

Forex Price Action Setups (Spain, Greece & the Horror with No End) May 28th

Spain, Greece and the Horror with No End...For Now

Although markets were calm today from the US Memorial Holiday, Spain today asked the EU to act in providing support for fiscally frail gov'ts (read 'Spain is begging for help') as its fiscal gaps and banking system (but, but...Bankia is fully solvent you said) are getting pummeled with soaring yields which are punishing the rates on bonds.  Again, Spain is 4x larger than Greece so if Spain…


Added by 2ndSkiesForex on May 28, 2012 at 11:18pm — 4 Comments

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