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Week 41 trading stubs, GBP JPY and AUD to watch


EUR/USD and USD/JPY disappointed last week for the traders who took contrarian side of the trade. It worked much better for EUR/NZD and EUR/GBP longs for the week. Coming week may be somehow muted in comparing to recent increase in volatility, one aspect to watch in my book will be strengthening of JPY (see the currency board below). RBA will announce their rates on Monday night/Tuesday morning depending on the timezone as…

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Daily Forecast 07/23/2014

EURUSD:should start from 3460 / or 3450 to 3511 area at all eurusd can be start upside of course all fundamental news is poor for eur and we need a little more time for upside energy comes\

USDCHF:i can see up trend still is strong but also should be start fall down but at 9040 / 9030 if continue to hold or 9020 up trend can be happen but at all should be fall and down correction will start to 8990 area

GBPUSD: should start to hold 7040 /7050 / 7055 for rising…


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Daily Forecast 07/22/2014

GBPUSD: i thought should test 7110 but is moved in 7056-7098 but for now in 7078 should be try to rally correction above 7090 - 7100 but one thing is important under 7090 can be back to 7054 zone or less and upper than 7090 can test 7110 - 7120 this is very important today , i have one open position gbpusd for buy if hold and reject down in 7087-90 i will close nor can be hit my target lets see

USDCHF : try to test 8968 or below that we had quiet market yesterday , i have open…


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The Backstreet Boys of the Financial Markets

Mario Draghi, Shinzo Abe, Haruhiko Kuroda, Mark Carney and Ben Bernanke* are what I call the Backstreet Boys of the Financial Markets. *Janet Yellen is new and she did nothing ‘till now to deserve a place in this music band.

Mario Draghi

In the last 2 years, the ECB enjoyed the cheapest monetary policy, thanks to Mario Draghi’s magic words “whatever it takes”. While FED, BoE or BoJ had to print money to “save” their economies, investors bought Europe based on the safety…


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AudJpy 129 Pips Intraday Target

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Are we back to the "risk off" sentiment?

In the last few days, I tried to understand better the Crimea conflict and mostly why Putin sent his Panzers there. Asking around, I got this answer:

A Frenchman, a German and a Russian were bragging about their countries.

The Frenchman: we have modern cars. We use Renault to travel in France and the Peugeot when we go outside of France.

The German: we have modern cars too. We use Volkswagen when we travel in Germany and Mercedes when we go…


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Keep your GBP/JPY and AUD/JPY sell trades open. Ukraine news is the key.

Today the fx markets opened with gaps facing down mainly due to the recent events in Ukraine and Russia, where intense situation almost escalated into a war. Almost...but the chance that we could be on the brink of war still remains.

Today I recommend watching the Ukraine news, as those could be the key to fx market changes that could even surpass the findamental economical PMI news from Europe and US.

We sold GBP/JPY and AUD/JPY on Sunday night when the 169.60 and 90.66 levels…


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Yesterday we sold EUR/USD, GBP/USD and EUR/JPY.


For today I recommend selling EUR/USD again from 1.3691 level. Reason for entry is quite simple: 123 strategy (High – low – high – broken low), and broken uptrend lower channel line, which indicates that EUR/USD could be going down. If 1.3691 level is broken and hourly candle stays below, we could see the price going for 1.3644 first (first profit target) and then possibly to 1.3600. Anyway, I suggest moving stop loss order of…


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Eur/Jpy technical analysis

I have to say it’s been a while since I haven’t looked at eur/jpy. I did it today though. But only because I wanted to check if the eur/usd drop from yesterday was because of a strong usd or because a weak eur, so I controlled all the eur/crosses. The conclusion was that seems there is an increasing pressure on the single currency.

Next week, on 6th of March the ECB is meeting again to discuss the monetary policies and the latest inflation numbers force the speculators to…


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Prepare to sell JPY pairs at the breakout

Yesterday we sold EUR/USD from upper downtrend channel line at 1.3658 with stops at 1.3703. We sold two positions with the first profit target fixed at 1.3610.


Today I suggest moving your stop loss order for both positions to break even in case of reversal and holding them until they reach our predefined profit targets, which remain the same (1.3610 and 1.3500).


We were also selling USD/JPY from 102.62 and 102.22, but the price retraced and touched our entry…


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  USDJPY’s sell-off has steadied around the 38.2% retracement/short-term channel base support; intraday weakness below the 102.20 Fibonacci level has not been sustained so the potential for a stabilization in the slide is there. It probably can’t be delayed though. Short-term trend studies are bearish and the…


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FX Technicals-Majors-UBS Morning adviser


With the momentum falling, our support focus is at 1.3524. A close below which would be a bearish development, opening the way to 1.3458. Resistance is at 1.3656.


The pair is resuming its strength bringing our focus on critical resistance at 105.75. A close above which would trigger further acceleration to 110.74. Support is at 103.91 ahead of 103.09.

GBPUSD BULLISH While support holds at 1.6317, there’s scope for more upside. Resistance



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DXY-Techincals-Key currency view J.P. Morgan

"DXY: daily – The reversal from the December low suggests an increased risk for additional upside; the 81.48/55 zone is the key hurdle and should confirm the developing bullish backdrop.

The upside risks for the USD are on the rise given the bullish trending bias since late-December.

Importantly, this follows the impulsive reversal from the October lows which effectively held critical support

levels including the 79.00/78.60 area (Feb’13/Sept’12 lows), as well as the medium…


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JPY-Tachnicals-Key currency views-J.P.Morgan

"USD/JPY: Daily – The MT uptrend is back on track with the break above 103/104; key test enters at the 105.50/106.75 zone.

The medium term rally phase for USD/JPY is back on track following the reversal from the October/November lows. The push above the 103/104 resistance zone (May peak) and break from the sixmonth consolidation phase has confirmed a continuation of the bull trend from the 2011 cycle low. While the current overbought setup and extreme positioning are short term…


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Year of the USD?-Rabobank FX


Year of the USD? 

We may only be a few days into it but so far the USD is having a decent year.   Compared with the other…


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USD/JPY-weekly technical outlook-TD Securities

"USDJPY had seen nine consecutive weeks of net gains prior to the current one so a correction of some sort was perhaps due. Price action Thursday signaled a peak, confirmed by losses today, albeit with developments occurring in thin and illiquid trading (Japan remains closed). The risk of a deeper pullback cannot be excluded; the USD rally looks over extended and the market has not corrected the bare minimum of the 97/105 rally seen through late 2013. Trend channel support highlighted above…


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TD Global Daily – London Open-3 January 2014

"In another overnight session with poor liquidity, as Japan is still on holiday, global equity markets took their cues from the slide in stocks that began during the latter half of yesterday’s European session, with Asian equities all in the red. FX markets were more of a mixed bag though, with AUD and NZD outperforming and USD/JPY continuing yesterday’s slide lower, hitting its lowest level since the 23rd of…


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Late buyers for usd/jpy?

I remember a few weeks ago someone said: "The problem with bubbles is that if you sell stocks before the bubble bursts, you look foolish, but you also look foolish if you sell stocks after the bubble bursts." I don't remember exactly who that person was but the stock market is not the reason of this article, as I feel we have a similar situation on the Forex market. If you call now a reversal in the usd/jpy you might look foolish but also you might loose the…


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CAD/JPY-CAD Technical Outlook-TD Securities

"CADJPY is camped out below the 97.65 area that marks the range ceiling over the past 6 months. Solid interest to sell any sort of short-term JPY bounce this week had served to keep CADJPY underpinned on dips to the 97 area. The short-term trend remains well-entrenched and while the market continues to track higher in broad terms (higher highs and higher lows), a bullish break through the upper 97 area—and out of the sideways range—remains on the cards."…


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"Today’s clear break above 103.10 (38.2% of the range of the past 20 years) and May’s 103.75 high opens the potential for extending gains.

 A series of upside retracements (105.60, 110.00 and then 111.60) should now act as strong attraction levels as the USD/JPY uptrend gains traction.

 A declining trendline (currently 106.90) off the 1998 high may also gain interest, but the near-term uptrend should be seen as a broader change in trend.

 Weekly momentum is now very supportive…


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