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EURGBP - Gradual recovery to extend this week.

The rally from last month’s 2 year low extended last week. This 2nd up week in succession was a tentative move dominated by Monday’s gains and uncomfortable above .7900. In fact the last 5 trading days have oscillated around the important 13 day moving average. Although this clearly highlights a degree of uncertainty, and Friday’s close was marginally below the average line, 3cA studies are left mildly positive with potential through .7900 to .7932.…


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USDCAD - Testing key Averages - Downside break expected this week

The sequence of 3 up weeks ended with the market unable to sustain prices beyond a 50% correction of the fall from this year’s top, 1.0949. The most negative performance for 7 weeks resulted from this price action. This downside stalled on Friday around the 13/100/200 day moving averages and this introduces a note of caution but sentiment is left negative with only  the…


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GBPUSD - Bullish Hammer pattern targets higher levels

Although a new 2 month low was posted in early trading yesterday, Monday’s indecisive price action was followed by profit taking. This bounce created a Bullish Hammer on daily candle charts which, especially ahead of a key 50% correction point, leaves immediate sentiment as positive. The bounce is likely to be temporary, especially while the 13 day average is intact, but sentiment is assessed as positive with potential to 1.6825, 1.6847 and 1.6866.…


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USDCHF - Stalled near Cloud - Setback likely this week

An initial move to 7 month highs proved temporary. Profit taking was attracted above .9100 and the resulting pullback left prices virtually unchanged on the week – the 2nd such week in a row. It is the upside rejection though that has given technical signals a negative tone, although the stalling on Friday at the 13 day moving average is a concern. So potential exists for a profit taking setback to .8971/91 or even .8916.…


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EURGBP - Morning Star points higher this week

Although the bulk of last week's price action showed marginal movement, the week ended with a powerful move higher. Friday’s gains – the most aggressive daily performance since March – dominated price action breaking an important Marabuzo line, testing the top of a now rising Keltner channel and, most importantly, completed a Bullish Morning Star pattern on weekly charts. This formation often signals a complete change of sentiment and so we see potential through .8011 to .8050 with .8124…


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USDCAD - Platformed by average - gains to extend this week

Following a week of indecisive trading, last week saw a renewal of investor demand. This continued the rally from this month’s low and took USDCAD to the highest levels for 5 weeks. This move was dominated by Friday’s powerful gains and although a failure to break through the 200 day avg or the Marabuzo line created 5 weeks previously concerns, the support offered by the 13 day avg last week, and a move to the top of a rising Keltner channel gives scope for the upside to extend to 1.0857 and…


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Forex & Futures Outlook

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USDCHF - Key Marabuzo line platforms gains -.9015 targeted

The significant of the Marabuzo line formed July 3rd was emphasised yesterday. Confirming our weekly call, that point was rejected for a 5th day in a row. This time this led to aggressive buying of USDCHF and a close above the 200 day moving average. Continued in Asia, modestly, intraday signals for sentiment are overbought and there is growing potential for profit taking but with the underlying tone assessed as positive with potential to .8998 and…


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June 26 Usd/Jpy Pattern

This pair looks interesting. Potential Reversal Zone (PRZ), red circle. Update today July 8, 2014.

This patterns works good after all.…


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EURUSD - Turn in sentiment targets 1.3477 this week

A sequence of 2 up weeks ended last week despite initial upside reaching the most positive levels for 6 weeks. This was achieved at the beginning of the week but prices were unable to be sustained above the 200 day moving average and 4 consecutive daily losses were posted into Friday’s close. With the 13 day moving average breached and medium-term signals turning increasingly negative we look for the downside to deepen further. 

Potential exists to 1.3477 and even towards  1.3369, a…


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USDCHF - Capped by key Average - losses to deepen

A 2nd down week in succession was posted last week but the real story was the weakness of rally attempts. The topside was easily capped by the 13/200 day moving average with the week finishing with increased selling pressure that took USDCHF to the most negative levels traded for 6 weeks.

In addition, strength indicators (RSI) are negative and so we look for this gradual deterioration to deepen in the coming days with potential to .8862, .8825 or even .8776.…


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EURUSD- Average platforms gains towards 1.3694

The consolidation above the 13 day moving average turned to more significant buying interest yesterday as the average platformed gains. 2 week highs were posted and although almost half of that upside was reversed into the close, the move leaves intraday sentiment more positive. With this underlying tone, but with caution,there is scope for the market to focus on 1.3670 and 1.3694.…


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GBPUSD: Keltner Channels Guide Prices Higher

A 3rd up week in succession was posted in CABLE last week although the scope of the upside was significantly less than the preceding week.

That was due to profit taking attempts above the psychological level of 1.7000, at the highest levels traded since Oct 2008 and with signals for sentiment at overbought extremes.

But although the…


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EURUSD - Ripe for a Bounce?

Last week saw an aggressive rejection of 4 month lows after the market corrected 38% of the 2013-14 gains.

That renewal of demand is, in our assessment the key background element to EURUSD despite the last 3 trading days all producing losses and the 13 day moving average continuing to cap.

In addition, bullish divergence in 3cA studies also suggests the likelihood of a rally from close to current levels. with potential to 1.3578 and 1.3603/13.…


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USDCAD - Sentiment turns North this week

The gradual decline from April’s top stalled, and reversed last week. These gains, although dominated by Monday’s turnaround in investor sentiment, regained more than 3 weeks of downside, traded and sustained levels above the 13 day avg and took USDCAD to the top of an increasingly positive Keltner channel.

A note of caution is introduced by the last 2 days stalling but signals for sentiment are assessed as positive with potential towards 1.1022 and 1.1054.…


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CABLE capped by Marabuzo line

Although the upside extended, in a sharp spike, higher than assessed initially yesterday, gains were not maintained. Instead the market continued to fluctuate above the daily Ichimoku Cloud but without sustaining prices beyond last Wed’s Marabuzo line - the 3rd day in a row that that point has curtailed demand. It is that failure, coupled with selling interest attracted in Asia that means that intraday signals for sentiment are left negative with potential to 1.6693 and 1.6660.…


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EURGBP - Sellers to Return after upside failure

Investors bought the cross to higher levels for a 3rd day in succession. However, although the market traded comfortably through the key 13 day avg, levels beyond that point were not maintained into the close. So despite this week's gains so far, it is the failure to extend beyond that point that signals a weakness of demand.

Coupled with the underlying negative tone reflected by the steady decline from March's high we look for a renewal of selling pressure with scope to .8104 and…


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USDCAD - Negative Keltner channel encourages selling

The steady decline from last week's highs, and levels beyond the 13 day moving average, deepened yesterday. Net losses were modest but the underlying emphasised by the production of a 3rd down day in a row. Sentiment is oversold and until this month’s base is exceeded signals cannot be strong but sentiment is mildly negative with potential through 1.0814 to 1.0795 and 1.0777.…


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EURUSD - Upside rejection targets lower levels this week

The rejection of this month’s 2 ½ year highs, and the break of a trend of higher weekly lows, deepened last week. A 2nd down week in a row took EURUSD to 3 month lows, through the 100 day average and the bottom of the daily Ichimoku Cloud. Although the last 3 days saw consolidation above the 200 day moving average, sentiment going into this week is negative and further downside is targeted with potential to test the 200 day moving average and 1.3600, a 76% correction level.…


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USDCHF - Upside rejection to dominate - .8859 targeted

Initial trading yesterday saw the demand from this month’s low continued. This latest upside took USDCHF through the top of the rising Keltner channel and to the most positive levels traded for 13 weeks. However, these gains were aggressively reversed, correcting overbought extremes, and bringing prices back to the 100 day avg and the top of the daily Ichimoku Cloud. The failure to break through that area is a concern but the upside rejection dominates the background and so there is…


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