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VIDEO: Forex Technical Update

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USDJPY Daily Forecast Dec 16 2014

Outlook in USDJPY has turned to the downside as long as 119.91 resistance holds on a daily closing basis , support comes at the 117.70 levels, losing this level on a daily closing basis will open 116.57 levels , a halt is likely , but a cut would open 115.00 next , further down will pave the way towards the 113.50 levels.

On the upside , a failure to hold losses below the 117.70 levels could mean a return to the 119.91 levels , a halt is likely , but a break will restore the upside…


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FX Light - Janet Yellen Speech Rumour & US Oil

I am continuing to trade gold to the long side.  Although I acknowledge that this $1180 support/resistance has been passed over so often the line must surely have been rubbed out by now, I continue to make money with the trade and will continue to take…


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FX Light - Some Counter Trend Ideas

“There is only one side to the stock market; and it is not the bull side or the bear side, but the right side”Jesse Livermore – Legendary Trader. 1877-1940


I’m afraid it’s a short note this morning because I have a number of meetings…


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FX Light - A Fantastic Start To December

The last month of the year will be full of data points: a critical ECB decision where QE is on the cards, and a…


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USDJPY Daily Forecast Nov 27 2014

Despite losing the upside momentum , outlook in USDJPY remains neutral with risk to the upside as long as support 117.35 holds on a daily closing basis , a failure to hold below the 117.35 levels on a daily closing basis could mean a return to the 118.36 levels , break of 118.36 on a daily closing basis would open 120.00 next , a halt is likely , but further upside will pave the way towards the 121.15 levels ahead of the 122.50 levels .

On the downside , support comes at the 117.35…


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New Home Sales (USD): What you need to know!

New Home Sales is an another important Fundamental indicator that helps to gauge the performance of economic activity by analyzing the number of new single family homes that were sold during the previous month. This data would aid in performance evaluation by assessing the consumer spending and other economic activity that would occur due to new home sales such as the purchase of equipment for house, mortgage finance sold by financial institutions and income received by brokers for executing…


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Two Most Important Fundamental Factors for USD: What you need to know!

The upcoming news for US is based on two key fundamental indicators for assessing the overall health of the economy, which in turns affect the valuation of USD.

The first one is Core Durable Good Orders which measures the number of orders placed by manufacturers, which in turn give an idea about level of purchases and production in progress that tends to gauge the performance of an economic activity. This index was -0.2% in comparison to a forecast of 0.5%, which is not a good sign…


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USDJPY is on a mission to push and keep on pushing up till reaching the highest resistance possible, and to get an idea of what USDJPY is trying to achieve on chart we need to study the Monthly TF.

Where in 1994 USDJPY started a bullish journey for 4 years from support level 80.00 reaching in 1998…


Added by Tony - FXS Admin on November 20, 2014 at 12:00am — 1 Comment

FX Light - Traders Will Challenge The SNB


There’s a storm brewing over EURCHF. Overnight the 1.2045 key support was breached and so the next level is both technical and fundamental/political at the SNB’s 1.20 peg. You can already sense traders out there buying EURCHF with their stops just under 1.20.…


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FX Light - So Much For The SPX Short Trade

Jesse Livermore 1877-1940 

November 1st 2014. With the S&P closing at an all-time high we need to consider the possibility that the buck and SPX are no longer…


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FX Light - BOJ, USDJPY & Off We Go To 115.00


October 31st 2014. It beginning to look like the Dollar rally has resumed. I managed to make another 3% overnight and I am hopefully on track to increase the account by 30% in October which is a good month and quite timely considering it is also the month that my…


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FX Light - Basically I Made Money Yesterday

October 30th 2014. So yesterday’s action was quite productive and I added another 3% or so. Remember that you should only copy me with an MT4 account leveraged 200:1 at a minimum.

So it’s a bit of an ecosystem. The dollar strengthened significantly yesterday and gold dropped as a result (I was short Gold). Not surprisingly USDJPY strengthened and as I said previously a close above 108.50 sets us up for a continuation higher. We got that, so now look for a challenge…


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FX Light - Bought USDJPY. EURCHF Eyes The 1.20 Peg


October 29th 2014. Hi, I’m back however as you know I had been managing positions on holiday. It rained a lot anyway! I have just opened a USDJPY position.

Remember we have the FOMC statement after the final taper of MBS today. Any mention of a…


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FX Light - The World Is Watching EURCHF


October 24th 2014. There are some clues that the dollar correction may have come to an end and we are seeing that in the likes of USDJPY, however let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.  Although EURUSD is close to the lows of the week it is by not mean’s certain that the downtrend has resumed and AUDUSD price action would support that counter view.

EURUSD – As I said, close to the lows of the week. I’ve got a number of…


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FX Light - VIDEO: EURCHF & The 1.20 Peg

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FX Light - USDJPY Rally To Resume?

October 23rd 2014. The last 24 hours was a bit frustrating regarding EURUSD and Gold positions but the account advanced another 2% so that’s the best kind of frustration I guess.


EURUSD – As some of you well know I am long EURUSD and frankly I’ve just bought more. As I say in the webinar the longer term trend is unquestionably down however shorter term we were overdue the most recent rally. Support comes via 1.2499 and I think I one…


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FX Light - Threw A Grid Over EURUSD Over Retail Sales

October 16th 2014 I Scalped Gold overnight and EURUSD too. Yesterday was a volatile day most particularly in the Indexes. As the weak retail sales number came out of the U.S yesterday I essentially threw a grid across EURUSD and scalped it for 1.14% gain. That on top of my Gold trades made for 3% yesterday.

EURUSD – We have now closed above 1.2790 on a daily basis. The clincher would be such a close on a weekly basis so two more days to go…


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FX Light - USDRUB & The Wider Implications

October 14th 2014. You may have noticed my recent interest in USDRUB. I am always looking for decent set-ups but this one seems to have wider implications. What will happen if a large Russian Corporate defaults on foreign currency debt because they not longer have enough Rubles? Given the latest exchange rate that is entirely possible. What will that do to the Dollar across the board, or Gold and the Swiss Franc for that matter? Food for…


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FX Light Can Russia Overcome Doubts About It's Solvency

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