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RBSM: Amplifying Global FX | Yield chasing behaviour undermines the USD


 USD may weaken broadly in a renewed environment of yield chase evident in falling global bond yields, strong US equities and sharply falling Greek bond yields. The market still faces significant flashpoints for risk aversion (Ukraine, Turkey and Thailand, Chinese property market and deflation risk in Europe), but it is tending to shrug these off.




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BofAML - Turning weather into an advantage: Remain Bullish USD

Bank of America Merrill Lynch - "The growing disconnect between US rates and the US stock market suggests that US rates (and the USD by extension) may have more at stake in how the weather story plays out. We believe, once data begin to improve with the weather, Treasury yields and the USD could snap higher in a relatively short space of time.

To place the severity of this winter in historical context, we have developed an Extreme Winter Weather (EWW) index using state level data going…


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TD Global Daily – NA Open 27 February 2014

"Developments in Russia and Ukraine are continuing to drive risk aversion today, with European equities down around –1.0% across the board, and the USD and JPY outperforming in G10 FX markets. On the other end of the spectrum, AUD has continued to struggle on the back of softer CapEx data overnight, while EURUSD has slipped down to the…


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BMO FX Strategy Daily -From the Options Desk

"A quiet morning yesterday, followed by a busier afternoon where the USD made some gains against EUR, GBP, AUD and CAD amongst others. The result was vols bouncing off the lows seen in the morning. Today the theme seems to be the same so far after some weaker than expected numbers out of Europe. With vols in a lot of these pairs so low already this move in the USD has been welcomed by the market and has…


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UBS - Morning Adviser - AUD: Bearish Convictions Reinforced

"AUD: Bearish Convictions Reinforced

Gareth Berry

Confirmation arrived overnight that Australian miners expect to cut back their investment spending sharply during the next financial year (July 1 2014 - Jun 30 2015).

A decline had been expected but not on such a scale. The raw estimates - which admittedly are only informed guesses - anticipate a 25.2% y/y decline in mining investment. Looking at the track record of these guesses and adjusting accordingly softens the blow…


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FOREX forecast 27.02.2014

EUR failed several times to progress above 1.3775 and yesterday finally dropped below 1.3720 support which was so important for the bulls. Then the pair bottomed at 1.3661 and this morning returned some of the yesterday's losses, currently trading near 1.3690. The downside move wasn't big enough to destroy the Weekly bullish outlook, and 100 pips daily volatility is something quite normal. So i look at this like a correction move, and the upside may be fully restored above 1.3730, setting…


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BBH CurrencyView: Tight Ranges, Loose Lips

"The US dollar has been confined to narrow ranges against the major currencies.  The euro, yen, and sterling have traded well within yesterday's ranges.  The dollar bloc was a bit heavier, but the Canadian dollar has fully recovery and the Aussie, nearly so, after disappointing (but dated) Q4 construction figures (-1.0% vs. +0.7% consensus). …


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Rabobank FX: CAD - how vulnerable?

"CAD – how vulnerable?

In just a few sessions last week the CAD managed to erase all of the gains it had managed against the USD…


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FOREX forecast 26.02.2014

EUR is still almost unchanged after yesterday's quick 'tennis' day and currently the ball is still in the neutral position. However the price doesn't feel comfortable ahead of the resistance 1.3775 and it was bounced several times from it. H4 close below 1.3720 will confirm the downside reversal has started with first support to break 1.3670, then 1.3650 and finally 1.3600. To the upside the things seems difficult as 1.3775 stops every attempt of the bulls. First place to sell is close to…


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BMO FX Strategy Daily-Strategy Comment

"Price action in equities and USTs during the Asian and London morning sessions suggest ‘risk off’.  We suspect participants have been watching moves in CNY closely.  The recent activity in the CNY suggests PBoC is aiming for more ‘two-way’ flows which are directly linked to macro economic developments. …


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FOREX forecast 25.02.2014

EUR has moved in a 60 pips range and we now have the first sign of a possible reversing of the bullish trend. It is the yesterday's long legged doji candle on Daily - we have a very small body and long shadows. This shows the market is confused and is looking for a direction, that means the bulls are wondering what to do. A Daily close below 1.3690 will confirm the start of reversal. Once below 1.3600 the target will be set at 1.3430 and below. EUR still has the potential for a last jump…


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BNZ Currency Research: Corporate Positioning: Bracing For The Next Big Move

" Exporter hedging at the shortest duration in 5 years

  Importers also look to be preparing for lower NZD

  We see the NZD/USD at 0.7700 by year-end

Exporters have significantly…


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TD Securities: USDBRL Weekly Technical Outlook

USDBRL’s correction lower from major resistance at 2.4540 has extended a little more this week, taking the USD below weekly trend support and underpinning expectations for a deeper correction of the 2.15/2.45 move up. We think USDBRL losses should extend towards 2.28/30 from here to correct at least half of the…


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FOREX forecast 24.02.2014

Thank you for your great support and for the honor to give me the price of the Most valuable fxnetwork member. I will continue to follow the market as best as i can and to provide daily forecasts. I hope they will make your trade better. I admire also to Daologic and Haitham653, their work is amaizing too. Thank you once again to all who voted for me :)

You can watch the awards video here:…


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TD: Morning FX Outlook: Key Morning Themes

"The USD is broadly higher on the day, with the GBP the only major currency able to resist the USD’s advance so far.  The CAD is a notable under-performer on the session ahead of today’s key data releases.  The offshore Chinese yuan has fallen sharply on the day so far, with weakness here spilling over a little into industrial metals.  Asian and European equities are mostly positive.  US futures are…


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FOREX forecast 21.02.2014

EUR has dropped from 1.3760 to 1.3685 following the worse economic data, but later through the american session it succeeded to return some of the losses and currently is back above 1.3700 close to the resistance area 1.3720-30. To continue to the upside we need a clear break of 1.3750, but today we have no important data for the eurozone nor for Germany, so we have to rely again on the bad numbers from the USA to make gains. Of course there is a great possibility for the existing home sales…


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FOREX forecast 20.02.2014

EUR moved in a 50 pips range yesterday and closed the day below 1.3750, however this morning it has made an upside attempt but it was not successful again. At the moment of writing the price is testing 1.3720 support, if broken downside will continue to 1.3670. If it si broken too then the target will be below 1.3600. On the upside we need a clear break of 1.3770 ,then 1.3800 and finally 1.3850. Today there is a lot of economic data, for now Germany's producer price index numbers are worse.…


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FOREX forecast 19.02.2014

EUR continues to move in a narrow range, seems that the mixed Germany's data doesn't influence the pair at all. Again the EUR benefits of the bad US data than any good news from the EU zone. Today is the FOMC will be released later through the american session and until that a consolidation with bullish tone will present. Today we shall test 1.3775 once again and if broken the pair will try to close above 1.3800 and to open the way for testing 1.3830 and 1.3880-95. 

GOLD is correcting…


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FOREX forecast 18.02.2014

Without any important economic data EUR traded in a narrow range yesterday and this morning too. For today Germany's ZEW will be released, and the data is expected to be mixed to good, later we have the New York Empire Manifacturing index which last time came a lot better than expected, but to beat the previous result will be hard and from the USA we also expect Treasury International Capital flows and the number here is quite possible to be worse too. So for today we have a great…


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CABLE - 50% point platforms upside this week. 1.6878 then 1.7043 potential

Recent consolidation ended last week with a move that emphasised the importance of buying at a 50% pullback point. Increasing demand resulted in the most powerful weekly gains since Jun and with the highest levels since 2009. The speed of the upside means signals are overbought and prone to profit taking but with prices hugging the top of both weekly and daily Keltner channels, and the 13 day avg supportive there is potential for 1.6878 and 1.7043…


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