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Deutsche Bank:FOMC minute (Early Morning reid-Macro Strategy)

"There seems to be a fair amount of anxiousness ahead of today’s FOMC minutes but European investors will have to wait until after the market close for their release (7pm London). DB’s Joe Lavorgna expects the minutes to reveal a more hawkish side to the FOMC than has been presented from Yellen’s recent public commentary. Judging by the trading patterns on previous FOMC minutes days, the minutes have been a bridge between the…


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FOREX forecast 08.07.2014

EUR has stopped for a while the free fall, but it almost has no chances of any recovery to the upside as we have a strong resistance area built by several resistance lines. This resistance area is between 1.3630 and 1.3660. If we have any recovery into this area please keep in mind that the new downside wave may start at any moment. Upside reversal may happen only on a Daily close above 1.3680. If so, then the negative Daily Ichimoku will be inder attack and the target price will be…


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BNZ: NZDUSD- Sell the rally

Outlook: Sell the rally

ST Resistance: 0.8790 (ahead of 0.8840)

ST Support: 0.8700 (ahead of 0.8640)

NZD/USD looks to have lost its upward momentum, having failed to break 0.8800 for the second consecutive week. The big figure 0.8700 provides initial support, before sterner stuff around…


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EURUSD - Turn in sentiment targets 1.3477 this week

A sequence of 2 up weeks ended last week despite initial upside reaching the most positive levels for 6 weeks. This was achieved at the beginning of the week but prices were unable to be sustained above the 200 day moving average and 4 consecutive daily losses were posted into Friday’s close. With the 13 day moving average breached and medium-term signals turning increasingly negative we look for the downside to deepen further. 

Potential exists to 1.3477 and even towards  1.3369, a…


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EURO FX -- Trade Setup

A break of 1.3580 may setup a test of the 1.3500 level.

Closing above the 1.3695-1.3705 level may setup a test of…


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Rabobank FX: Happy days

"If the EUR/USD resilience implies that the ECB is still under the shadow of the Fed, then those ‘other’ European central banks are under the influence of the ECB.   Following the ECB’s rate cuts last month, the SNB, Riksbank and the Norges Bank all became much more aggressively dovish.  In order to counter the risk that low rates will accentuate excessive risk taking (specifically in the mortgage market), these banks are…


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RBSM: Australian Macro Views - RBA much more reactive to AUD above .95

"We interpret the speech from RBA Governor Glenn Stevens this week as evidence that the RBA is much more reactive to the exchange rate above .95. It may lean towards either an easing bias or threaten intervention if it were to rise above this level, especially if its key commodity prices remain weaker. There is clearly evidence of a global reach for yield that has pushed the AUD up recently (along with other currencies such as the KRW). However, we see the USD strengthening on a firming…


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BNZ:NZD to remain elevated until traction seen on US, volatility

"The NZD has largely ignored the precipitous decline in dairy prices, instead choosing to focus on NZ’s interest rate advantage. Simply put, carry remains king. On a risk-adjusted basis, the return from a USD-funded carry trade into NZD continues to improve. This will not change until we see some movement towards pricing in US Fed Funds hikes in H1 2015 or a lift in volatility. We’re not counting on either to happen much before September. The Fed is due to update its staff projections then,…


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FOREX forecast 03.07.2014

Today is the ECB meeting and the central bank will have to decide wheather to implement additional tools to stimulate inflation or not. As the price is above 1.3630 EUR/USD is bullish. First target is 1.3725 and the second one is 1.3780, finally 1.3840-50, where a correction to the downside must appear. Bearish scenario is if 1.3630 is broken, first target will be 1.3590-1.3600 support area, if broken next target will be 1.3510-1.3485. Remember that tomorrow US markets will be closed because…


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Rabobank FX: USD/JPY, how low can it go?


 Currently, USD/JPY is positioned at the top on the weekly cloud at 101.40.  A close below this level this week would also hint at further downside potential towards the 100.80 area initially. 

  While USD/JPY could…


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FOREX forecast 01.07.2014

As expected EUR moved to the upside reaching 1.3700-1.3710 resistance area which bounced back the price on first attempt. This upside recovery may reach some more highs, but i think that by the end of the week we shall have a reversal and drop below 1.3650 again. Currently the price is supported by the 1.3680-1.3670 support area and we are bullish as long as the price is above that support area. My model shows that the upside may even reach 1.3810 on some fundamental news, before the…


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USDCHF - Capped by key Average - losses to deepen

A 2nd down week in succession was posted last week but the real story was the weakness of rally attempts. The topside was easily capped by the 13/200 day moving average with the week finishing with increased selling pressure that took USDCHF to the most negative levels traded for 6 weeks.

In addition, strength indicators (RSI) are negative and so we look for this gradual deterioration to deepen in the coming days with potential to .8862, .8825 or even .8776.…


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BNZ: NZDUSD Buy the dip


Outlook: Buy the dip

ST Resistance: 0.8800 (ahead of 0.8840)

ST Support: 0.8660 (ahead of 0.8610)

NZD/USD continues to grind higher, but closed last week just below the 6 May high of 0.8780. Upward momentum remains intact, with a push through the big figure 0.8800 exposing the post-float high of…


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UBS FX Comment - Dollar Softness Temporary

"The dollar is trading soft into the summer against higher yielding currencies as investors expect the Federal Reserve will continue to keep interest rates unchanged far into 2015. US yields at 2.53% for ten year paper remain well below the 3.00% levels seen at the start of 2014.(...)

Counting Petrodollars, Seeking Risk - and near record low levels of currency market volatility are encouraging investors to use the dollar as a funding currency for carry trades. But the softness in the…


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FOREX forecast 27.06.2014

EUR is creating some artificial volatility while waiting for the end of the month. Soon the summer holidays will start and the volatility will be low.Everybody is now waiting for the end of the month and the next ECB meeting to see wheather mr.Draghi will implement further stimulus. We remain in an ascending channel despite yesterday's spike to the H4 Senkou Span B price of the positive H4 cloud. Of course it was too early to break it lower and the price quickly reversed, but i think big…


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BMO FX Strategy Daily - USDCAD

"USDCAD has drifted lower all morning, following a similar tone in the price action during the Asian session.  This as much reflects the positioning and ‘stop hunt’ pressures we’ve alluded to earlier in the week as it does a generally soft USD.  The deviation of USDCAD from its key drivers is still very sizeable and USDCAD snap back risks are not exactly small here.  But it’s now pretty safe to conclude that…


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TD: Morning FX Outlook-USD Remains Under Pressure

"The USD is still trying to make up for the ground it lost yesterday following the release of a very disappointing Q1 GDP revision.


Against the backdrop of yesterday's GDP surprising further tumble, even an on consensus PCE core…


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EURUSD- Average platforms gains towards 1.3694

The consolidation above the 13 day moving average turned to more significant buying interest yesterday as the average platformed gains. 2 week highs were posted and although almost half of that upside was reversed into the close, the move leaves intraday sentiment more positive. With this underlying tone, but with caution,there is scope for the market to focus on 1.3670 and 1.3694.…


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TD: Morning FX Outlook: USDCAD-Little Changed

"Open 1.0739  Range 1.0738/52  Prev. Close 1.0745

The short term charts suggests a somewhat heavier tone unfolding for USDCAD as our session gets underway; failure to progress much through the mid 1.07s overnight leaves funds looking technically heavy and prone to a…


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RBS:Diverging trends in rates warn against FX complacency


We continue to see downside pressure building on EUR rates and upside pressure for US rates. The sharp fall in Australian rates has narrowed the AUD/USD yield advantage to a low since August last year. It is difficult to get behind a broad rally in Asian currencies, which have so far failed to benefit much from rising risk appetite, but we see scope for MYR outperformance on the recent rise in Malaysian rates. Given the…


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