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"The FOMC will be the global focus on Wednesday as investors look to whether the Fed continues to pivot toward the first rate hike. Key points to watch at the meeting will be whether the “considerable time” phrase is removed from the statement, how aggressive the Fed’s hike projections are (in the Summary of

Economic Projections for the 2015-2017 period) and Yellen’s tone in the post-meeting press conference. We also expect the FOMC to discuss their updated exit strategy, potentially…


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FOREX forecast 16-19.09.2014

EUR is in a consolidation mode again before the next slide down. Possible support that will stop the downside is 1.2600 and the final one is around 1.2300 but i doubt we shall reach there soon. There was a large amount of unexpected bad EUR news and it seems the things over the Atlantic are getting a lot better. It is expected the FED to make another stimulus cut from 25 bln to 15 bln. This will push the EUR even lower till the end of this week. Today is expected the Gernamy's ZEW to be a…


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TD: CAD technical outlook-15 september.


"We highlighted developments on the weekly chart Friday but it is probably worth reiterating what is going on here after USDCAD closed out the week at its best levels since March. The broader bull trend is slowly but surely getting back on track after the Q2 correction; that slide saw funds test, and hold, major support defined by the trend off the 2012 low and the 40- week/200-day MA. The consolidation since March formed a bull wedge and the July break above…


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BNZ: NZDUSD-sell a rally- 15 Sept.


Outlook: Sell a rally

ST Resistance: 0.8260 (ahead of 0.8470)

ST Support: 0.8060 (ahead of 0.7960)

The NZD slipped through the 50% Fib retracement level at 0.8260 last week, which now provides the first line of resistance. The 2014-low at 0.8060 would be the first stop ahead of a quick trip…


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FOREX forecast 09.09.2014

EUR continues the free fall and nothing seems to stop it. Target is set to 1.2805 and even below to 1.2765. Correction higher is needed, but still noone takes any profit, this means they expect more drop.Correction will start once we have over 60 pips upside H4 candle. Indicators on all time frames except M5 and M15 are extremely bearish. Maybe today we shall see some profit taking.

GOLD again is hit by the strong dollar and reached the support area 1254. If we don't see any EUR…


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BNZ: NZDUSD-sell a rally


Outlook: Sell a rally

ST Resistance: 0.8400 (ahead of 0.8470)

ST Support: 0.8260 (ahead of 0.8120)

The NZD continues to grind lower, but last week’s test of the 50% Fib retracement level at 0.8260 was rejected. This is the first line of support. The 0.8400 big figure will be difficult to break…


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USDJPY at key level, 110.50 next

For USDJPY 105.27 is a key level. A daily or weekly close above this level will send the price to the next key level at 110.50:



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BMO FX strategy daily: USDCAD

"Support 1.0850 Resistance 1.0925

The Usd is trading broadly higher this morning, led by Usd/Jpy and the Nikkei overnight in Asia. We have seen some Macro demand for Usd/Cad from yesterday’s lows but offsetting…


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BNZ: NZDUSD, sell a rally

Outlook: Sell a rally

ST Resistance: 0.8470 (ahead of 0.8600)

ST Support: 0.8330 (ahead of 0.8260)

Initial support at 0.8330 held after an early test last week. While some support around the 0.8300 figure should be expected, the 50% Fib retracement level at 0.8260 is the major target for…


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FOREX forecast 01.09.2014

Deeper and deeper EUR goes with another gap lower opening week. Finally the big players sold the EUR they have since close to 1.4000 levels. Where EUR is going to stop - it is not clear yet, but somewhere around 1.3066 we have a support area. We are currently some 200 pips below the weekly Senkou Span B price of the positive Ichimoku,however we have broken it lower too early and we have to make some significant correction higher before this break to be confirmed. The dollar is extremely…


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TD:CFTC Commitments of Traders Report - Week Ending Tuesday, August 26th

"CFTC data for currency futures through the week ending August 26th showed that investors and speculative accounts continue to bet big on an…


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BNZ:NZDUSD technical outlook-Sell a rally


Outlook: Sell a rally

ST Resistance: 0.8470 (ahead of 0.8600)

ST Support: 0.8330 (ahead of 0.8260)

NZD has kicked off the week testing initial support at 0.8330. Should this give way, there is little stopping an extended break below 0.8300. On the topside, the 200-day moving average provides…


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FOREX forecast 25.08.2014

EUR dropped to 1.3185 this morning and opened the week with a huge downside gap. Today the pair may consolidate around 1.3200, and tomorrow to start a recovery. This week is the end of the month trade, so i expect some profit taking from Short after Wednesday. Weekly, Daily and H4 indicators are bearish but are already turning flat to bullish, so i think we are going to have a recovery soon, although opening with such a gap lower is not a good sign.

GOLD was not able to close the week…


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FOREX forecast 21.08.2014

EUR has lost almost 200 pips since Monday and the pair despreately needs a correction but still there are no any signs of a possible correction. EUR is in a free fall state, after bad data from the EU and Germany, and better news from the US. Dollar is stronger than ever but i wonder if this is a temporary strength or the start of continuous EUR weakness. The pair needs a correction at least to 1.3330-50, and maybe more next week. But first we need to deal with the 1.3290-1.3310 resistance…


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FOREX forecast 20.08.2014 in advance

After several failed attempts to break 1.3400, te EUR slided down below the 1.3330 support reaching 1.3312 by the moment of writing. The area between 1.3295-1.3310 seems well protected and it will be difficult to break before tomorrow's FED decision. I think that the market is currently consuming tomorrow's news. So it is quite possible to witness a risk aversion tomorrow, reaching 1.3470-1.3500.

GOLD is trying to stay above 1292 support but breaking below will increase the downside .…


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BNZ:NZDUSD-play the range

Outlook: Play the range

ST Resistance: 0.8540 (ahead of 0.8620)

ST Support: 0.8400 (ahead of 0.8340)

Another week, another failure to break below that 0.84 handle. The case for the downside has lost its momentum, but the threat of a sharp topside squeeze has also…


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USDCAD - Testing key Averages - Downside break expected this week

The sequence of 3 up weeks ended with the market unable to sustain prices beyond a 50% correction of the fall from this year’s top, 1.0949. The most negative performance for 7 weeks resulted from this price action. This downside stalled on Friday around the 13/100/200 day moving averages and this introduces a note of caution but sentiment is left negative with only  the…


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FOREX update 15.08.2014

EUR did not succeed to close daily trade above 1.3380 the whole week. It moved in a small range between 1.3340 and 1.3415.Breaking of either will boost the further move in the same direction. However for now the pair seems locked inside.

GOLD has made a quick test of 1292 support but returnes fast above the previous 1305 support.Any drop below 1300 again may cause further drop to 1276 and 1254 for example.

NZD preserves the chances of upside recovery as long as the price is…


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The expected extended stop hunt move has happened in GBP - what next?

Dear All

The forecast has come true and the players intentions are revealed.

Yesterday in my Asian session webinar I have explained how the players are expected to make upward  extended stop hunt move and drop below the initial low and continue the drop as intentional move.

The typical downward shift in trading zone. - they make the  rise to appear that GBP could go higher,then suddenly use some excuse or data release or speech as trigger and drop about…


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GBPUSD - Bullish Hammer pattern targets higher levels

Although a new 2 month low was posted in early trading yesterday, Monday’s indecisive price action was followed by profit taking. This bounce created a Bullish Hammer on daily candle charts which, especially ahead of a key 50% correction point, leaves immediate sentiment as positive. The bounce is likely to be temporary, especially while the 13 day average is intact, but sentiment is assessed as positive with potential to 1.6825, 1.6847 and 1.6866.…


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