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Week Ahead: Forex Markets Analysis - EUR/USD, USD/JPY

Week Ahead: Forex Markets Analysis - EUR/USD, USD/JPY

When we look at the currency markets, some relatively clear trends have already made themselves obvious in the early parts of this year.  The strongest of these trends has been the bullish activity in the US Dollar, which has presented itself against nearly all of its major trading counterparts.  It can be argued that there is a wide variety of reasons for why this is occurring.  First on…


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EURUSD & USDJPY: Elliott Wave Morning Review

The FX market did not change much recently, well maybe just some JPY pairs that are driven by USDJPY because of lower US Bonds since NFP report release last week. On USDJPY we see room for more upside in the short-term as latest minor set-back looks like a fourth wave so it should then belong to an incomplete impulse from 118.30. Ideally price will rally up to around 120.70.

USDJPY 1h Elliott Wave Analysis…


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usd/jpy took off like a cat shot in the ass

usd/jpy took off like a cat shot in the ass after the long sideways motion. I have labeled this as the start of minor wave 5 and this should be the final wave up. First target is the peak of minor wave 3 at 121.84

forex forecasts by

Added by Ville Vainio on February 8, 2015 at 4:35pm — No Comments

Live Forex Trading Strategy Video: Dec 31, 2014

RECORDED LIVE: Today we cover EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, GOLD and OIL. We also discuss the importance of having a trading bias before you even look at your charts... for planning your trade setups and to reduce risk. A binary option setup was also discussed to hedge a spot forex setup for USD/JPY at…


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RBS - Still looking for the opportunity to be long USD/JPY

Royal Bank of Scotland - "Our strategy is to look for a buying opportunity in USD/JPY. In the current environment, it may mean waiting for 100, the 61.8% retracement of the rise from the previous low in October last year before it rallied to its peak above 105 around the turn into this year. However, we would be watching closely to see if it looks to be holding the low this year in Feb near 100.75. Perhaps the strategy is to look for supports to hold and signs of it breaking its recent…


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MY orders:

1 # EUR/USD sell @ 1.3782 / TP 1.3650

2 # GBP/USD sell @ 1.6647 / TP 1.6528

3 # USD/JPY buy @ 102.65 / TP 103.85

4 # EUR/JPY buy @ 140.98 / TP 142.15 (+6pip)

5 # USD/CHF buy @ 0.8845 / TP 0.8965

6 # AUD/USD sell @ 0.9327 / TP 0.9241

7 # USD/JPY buy @ 102.06 / TP 102.60

8 # GBP/USD sell @ 1.6728 / TP 1.6660

9 # GBP/USD sell @ 1.6776 / TP 1.6730 close earlier…


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Will the consumption tax hike repeat the history for the Japanese yen?

USD/JPY had remained under pressure of the psychological barrier of 105.00, for a long time, after touching 103.73 during May 2013. The price action was contained in a triangular…


Added by Himanshu Jain on December 31, 2013 at 1:30am — 1 Comment

USD/JPY: Major Divergence Of RSI; Exit Long & Sell At Mkt - Commerzbank

USD/JPY tested but did not close above the 103.74 2013 high, notes Commerzbank.

"Last weeks high was not confirmed by the RSI and this is now a triple failure of the daily RSI. The market has eroded the 102.78 uptrend and we look for a slide back to the July 2013 high at 101.54. The Elliott wave count on the daily is suggesting we allow for 100.90," CB projects.

'Longer term, the market has recently broken up from a large triangle points to a longer term target of…


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Why USD/JPY can reach 115!

The USD/JPY is the key to the boom and doom of the global economy, this carry trade determines each point to which a global economic crisis is likely to take place. 

If you watch the USD/JPY carefully from 1985, you will notice lower highs forming. With each peak of the high is the date where the recession had already taken place, where as if you measure the peaks for each lower high you could precisely predict when the next recession would have taken place, and following the…


Added by Jay Khanna on December 8, 2013 at 9:33pm — No Comments

Goldman Sachs - 2014 FX Outlook: A Low-volatility world

Goldman Sachs - "We expect continued low and possibly falling FX volatility in the early part of 2014. Later in the year, evidence of improving growth could increase the market focus on the approaching end to ultra-low interest rates in some key economies. Volatility will likely pick up again and clearer directional FX opportunities materialise. The timing of these more directional moves is uncertain and it is quite possible that they will not materialise until 2015. Much will depend on the…


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BTMU - GBP/JPY & NOK/JPY may have greatest upside potential

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi - "We expect further modest yen weakness in 2014 as the BoJ will continue to ease monetary policy aggressively, and may even step up the pace of planned monthly asset purchases. The implementation of the sales tax hike in April will provide a key test for investor confidence in Abenomics. If the slowdown in economic growth proves greater than expected, making the achievement of their 2.0% inflation goal less likely, it will increase pressure upon the BoJ to respond…


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Majors consolidate ahead of US data Tuesday

EUR/USD Current price: 1.3664

Uneventful day in the forex market, as the dollar reversed all of the mild gains seen before US opening. Worse than expected existing home sales in the US, that dropped 1.9% on rising prices, along with comments of ECB’s members…


Added by Valeria B Bednarik on October 21, 2013 at 7:43pm — No Comments

Follow up on USD/JPY butterfly pattern trade setup

With the US Debt crisis coming down to a dramatic resolution on the last day, Well, anybody surprised they pulled it to the last day??!! We have to take stock of the situation and see if anything is changing with respect to our trade set up on the pair. Namely the butterfly pattern setup. 

In case you missed that write up, you can have a look here

First of all, we had said that the long trigger for us…


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USD/JPY @ 104.00??

All you USD/JPY traders out there, there is something I want to bring up here. This is a Daily Chart of the pair and we can see a good triangle pattern in play here. Now, theoretically a triangle pattern is a continuation pattern and the future move should be in the direction of the move before the start…


Added by yenmaster on October 15, 2013 at 1:39pm — 4 Comments

BTMU - US Congressional uncertainty means USDJPY bearish bias

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi - "USD/JPY - bearish bias – (96.00-99.00)

The dollar selling pressure is likely to grow due to the US debt ceiling and federal budget negotiations that have shut down the US government this week. The USD/JPY rate may reach the recent lowest point of 95.81 set on 8th August. However, given the successful bid for Tokyo 2020 summer Olympic announced in September, and given the expectations surrounding ‘Abenomics’, Japan's inflation expectations are growing. These…


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BTMU - ‘Abenomics’ proceeding to give USD/JPY a lift

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi - "The USDJPY top-side is heavy due to the uncertainty over the ongoing US congressional budget negotiations. But despite the recent rebound, the yen has been week across the board since the beginning of September. For example EURJPY is still at highs not seen since late September of 2009. Next week the Tankan survey on 1st of October will confirm the gradual recovery of the Japanese economy and will coincide with PM Abe announcing that the sales tax will be hiked…


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UBS - EURUSD As a reaction to the sharp advance, there is scope for a short-term setback to unwind

UBS - "USDJPY BULLISH Resistance is at 100.61, a break above which would open 101.53 ahead of 103.74. Support is at 97.76 ahead of 96.82.

EURUSD BULLISH As a reaction to the sharp advance, there is scope for a short-term setback to unwind. Support is at 1.3501 ahead of 1.3392. Resistance is at 1.3569, a break above which would open the way to major resistance at 1.3711.

GBPUSD BULLISH Resistance is at 1.6179, a break above which would open the way to 1.6381. Any downside will be…


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RBS - Yield spreads favour further weakness in JPY

Royal Bank of Scotland - "Global yields are up significantly in recent weeks, except in Japan where the BoJ's aggressive and committed QQE policy is keeping a lid on yields. Consequently, JPY's yield disadvantage is growing and this is likely to see further weakness in JPY. Its near term direction may depend also on degrees of risk aversion and potential for EM market upheaval to drag on investor confidence. But EM and Syria fears are not unduly weakening global equities or generating a…


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TD Securities - USDJPY Above key trend resistance in the low 99s extends rally. AUDNZD rebound needs to extend through the low 1.16s

TD Securities - "JPY: USD/JPY might have done enough to avert further weakness near-term at least. Spot is testing thin “cloud” chart resistance in the high 98s as the week closes out but might have struck an important, short-term low already via gains through 97.69, a minor, inverse Head & Shoulders neckline (red trend line). If this pattern gets any further traction—specifically if USD/JPY breaks trend resistance off the May peak at 99.35/40 (around where the market…


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ANZ - USD/JPY Despite dips, don’t fight the new trend; EUR/GBP Slippage Within a Range Play

ANZ - "USD/JPY: The dips from the tests of 103.80 and 101.50 in recent months are seen as interim legs within a broader corrective pattern. The near term bias is that the recent dip below 0.9650 formed a base from which USD/JPY should be able to post another push into the 101.50-103.80 area in coming weeks.

Assuming that such a move shows signs of faltering, this profile would suggest that another corrective pullback should then develop. However, that pullback should be…


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