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For today

R4 - 1.2775 / R3 - 1.2697 / R2 - 1.2662 / R1 - 1.2617
SPOT 1.2515
S1 - 1.2380 / S2 - 1.2353 / S3 - 1.2314 / S4 - 1.2200

BUY AT 1.2495 FOR 1.2800 STOP AT 1.2380

How to trade support & resistance levels

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For today

R4 - 1.2775
R3 - 1.2697
R2 - 1.2662
R1 - 1.2617
SPOT 1.2434
S1 - 1.2353
S2 - 1.2294
S3 - 1.2200
S4 - 1.2115

BUY AT 1.2360 FOR 1.2700 STOP AT 1.2290

How to trade support & resistance levels

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For today

R4 - 1.2775 / R3 - 1.2697 / R2 - 1.2662 / R1 - 1.2620

SPOT 1.2495

S1 - 1.2422 / S2 - 1.2353 / S3 - 1.2314 / S4 - 1.2200   …


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Support & Resistance for USD/CAD

For today
R4 - 1.2775 / R3 - 1.2697 / R2 - 1.2646 / R1 - 1.2569
SPOT 1.2485
S1 - 1.2438 / S2 - 1.2616 / S3 - 1.2353 / S4 - 1.2314   
BUY AT 1.2480 FOR 1.2697 STOP AT 1.2415…

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upward trending moves may be seen

Dear All

we are into  the 3rd week of the month of February.The market is expected to continue the trend set during second week,during this week.

I have explained in details the forecast -  expected  session wise market moves for this week 16-20 February.,during my todays's (16 Feb) Asian session: Live market analysis webinar..The recording of the webinar is available in the given below link.…


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New month - new trend

Dear All

We have seen a prolonged USD gaining moves till last week .from this week 02-06 Feb we could see month beginning trend reversal move with upward bias and more upward trending moves are expected from next week in other majors.I have explained the forecast during my asian session; live market analysis webinar .The recording of today's webinar is available under the given link:…


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Eitherway moves may continue in this week -12-16 Jan

Dear All

Today (12 Jan ) during my Asian session: Live market analysis webinar time explained the sessionwise expected market moves of the week 12-16 Jan.besides the levels in which the currencies could swing in this week were also been explaied.Since we are in the yearly trend reversal time the market may continue with eitherway moves - ie lower level consolidation with frequent downward stop hunt.More details can be obtained from the recording of the webinar:

follow the link…


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Live Forex Trading Strategy Video: Dec 31, 2014

RECORDED LIVE: Today we cover EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, GOLD and OIL. We also discuss the importance of having a trading bias before you even look at your charts... for planning your trade setups and to reduce risk. A binary option setup was also discussed to hedge a spot forex setup for USD/JPY at…


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USD/CAD Monday Trade setup

This is USD/CAD 2 Days Chart, Pin Bar looking spicy for buy hope it will work in next week, if buyer are really strong then possible shark pattern will complete in upcoming days.

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USDCAD Elliott Wave Analysis: Corrective Wave Towards 1.0940

USDCAD has turned south last week from around 1.1220 where we see signs of a completed wave (v) of 3 with an ending diagonal formation at the end of extended move that typically confirms a bearish reversal. As such, we suspect that pair is now moving down in corrective black wave 4 that may reach 1.0940 area.

USDCAD 4h Elliott Wave Analysis…


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EURUSD Intraday Wave Analysis: Downtrend Can Resume From 1.3540/70

We can see some mixed USD across the board; up against the GBP, sideways against CHF and EUR but down against AUD and CAD. With this type of correlations nice and best moves are on crosses.

Our pair on the radar screen at the start of the week is EURUSD which is expected to continue even lower in the next few days. However, we are still waiting on some solid corrective retracement for shorts. Mondays are usually slow and tricky, and it’s definitely a day of the week when you…


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This weekend’s Weekly Review, Analysis & Forecast for GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDCAD & NZDUSD, February 2nd 2014

Hello all,

I am publishing the video analysis for the majors GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/CAD & NZD/USD shared with my free Newsletter subscribers this weekend February 2rd, 2013, as I occasionally do.

Please find the related video below:…


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USD/CAD for this week..

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JP Morgan - Commodity currencies still at risk

JP Morgan - "The medium term bearish setup remains intact for the commodity currencies highlighted by this week’s breakdown from the short term range for AUD/USD. This follows the failure against important resistance in the .9300/.9345 area which should continue to act as a short term ceiling. In turn, new lows should lead to a closer test of the next line of important support in the .8855/8770 zone. Note this area includes the key channel support from the 2011 cycle peak, as well as the…


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TD Securities - USD/CAD stabilizes, balance of technical risks turning a little more constructive

TD Securities - "USD/CAD’s late July slide has failed to extend significantly—so far. Over the past week, the trend down has started to flatten out and the short-term candle chart (6-hour bars) shows some signs, via the relatively long upper and lower “shadows” (the tails on the candle bodies), that the market is less sure about the near-term direction. Short-term trend resistance (1.0281) is coming under pressure at the start of our session today and a push through here may yield a rebound…


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TD Securities - USD/CAD slide shows signs of stabilising around 1.2050/80 support zone

TD Securities - "USD/CAD has stabilized but the “bounce” in spot so far is limited. From a short-term technical point of view though, there are a couple of things worth noting. We noted earlier in the week that the 1.0250/80 zone should be supportive for the USD and, for all the heavy tone in the USD through the latter part of the week, there has been no real follow through on the downside beyond this point. Additionally, there is evidence from the 6-hour candle charts of some modest bargain…


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TD Securities - USD/CAD is going nowhere fast so far Monday

TD Securities - "The market is consolidating last week’s drop and, pattern-wise, the short- term implications are tilting negative. The market has made two runs at getting back above 1.0425/30 in the past few sessions with no success. The intervening low at 1.0360 is effectively key, short-term support now, is a small double top trigger (implies a retest of 1.0290/1.03 on a break down). The rebound from last Thursday’s low is also forming a bear flag or wedge pattern. Right around current…


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TD Securities - EURUSD should have a hard time sustaining gains above its current level

TD Securities - "On the charts, the overbought condition in USD/CAD that we worried about earlier in the week has been at least partially corrected. The risk of a correction from the 1.06+ area through support around 1.05 that we flagged has also been realized and USD/CAD has slipped back below support at 1.0421. With support in the low 1.03 area holding though, we are inclined to look for a push back to the upper 1.04s now. We want to buy USD dips still.

(...) Price action in the FX…


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TD Securities - USD/CAD rebounds from short-term support in the low 1.05s, intraday retest of upper 1.05 area likely

TD Securities - "USD/CAD continues to consolidate in the short-term. The consolidation channel in place since last week’s 1.06+ peak on the hourly chart capped the market earlier in the session around 1.0565 and the sharp swing lower now looks to be abating as the move extended below 1.0525, the channel base. A big, bullish “hammer” signal formed over the last hour’s worth of trade and, with support in the low 1.05s broadly holding this test, the short-term risk is shifting back to a test of…


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BBH - EURUSD next target is the $1.2680-$1.2750 area

Brown Brothers Harriman - "The euro has taken out the trend line objective we have been highlighting that came in near $1.2850. That area, and perhaps extending toward $1.2900 may offer fresh selling opportunities on corrective upticks. Our next target is the $1.2680-$1.2750 area. The euro-dollar exchange rate continues to track the US-German 2-year rate differential. That spread has widened sharply from about 8 bp on June 20 to nearly 29 bp before the weekend, a new high for the year.…


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